Diet? Better if full and colorful

Take on the diet when you have sudden changes in blood sugar or high blood pressure and tinnitus, is definitely the first step. To prevent the first è replace refined grains with whole grains; white sugar should be abolished, in its place you can use them with moderation, natural sweeteners (malt or agave syrup). Important then to begin the meal with raw vegetables of the season, which is useful both to avoid a peak blood glucose is to assimilate larger amounts and categories of vitamins and minerals.

all’high blood pressure, l’ideal è season with small doses of sea salt associated with herbs and spices. Ample space should be given to food antioxidants: citrus fruits, berries, and colorful fruit usually, a cabbage; and, above all, the t is green, the ginger and the turmeric. well even a pò dark chocolate (cocoa 80% minimum).

Attention all’acidosis tissue, perché può alter the microcirculation. the Eliminate foods too acidified to, those refined in the genre, introducing lots of vegetables and fruit, and almost all functions. We do not neglect l’exercise, especially by all’open air and quiet places. And it’ s essential to prevent and fight many ailments and diseases, including l’acidosis, and l’hypertension. The movement is also useful for joint and posture problems problems. Herbal medicine può be d’help. In these cases, one often resorts to remedies that are able to act on the circulation of the brain, such as the giunko and the pervica; when in doubt, forò, è better to follow the advice of a doctor fitoterapeuta or a herbalist, qualified.

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