Diet of carrots: the vegetables to keep in line

Breakfast: a cup of skimmed milk with 20 grams of corn flakes.

Snack: 200 ml of carrot juice.

Lunch: spaghetti with tuna, 150 grams of raw carrot topped with a drizzle of olive oil’olive oil and a dash of lemon, a cup of strawberries.

Snack: an infusion of mint.

Dinner: croquettes of potatoes and carrots, 50 grams of bread and water.

Breakfast: a cup of caffè, 15 grams of crackers.

Snack: 125 ml low-fat yoghurt.

Lunch: conchiglie pasta stuffed with meat, 150 grams of cooked carrots, seasoned with a teaspoon of olive oil d’olive oil and a pò d’vinegar, 200 grams of strawberries, a sandwich, and water.

Snack: 150 grams of raw carrots.

Dinner: 100 gr of chicken, beer, carrots cooked with a teaspoon of cream and spring onions; strawberries and cream.

Breakfast: low-fat yogurt and 20 grams of muesli.

Snack: a cup of caffè.

Lunch: 60 grams of gnocchi with 50 grams of meat flavored with onions, tomato, oil and salt; carrot curry, a’orange.

Snack: a smoothie with 200 ml of skimmed milk and 200 grams of apple.

Dinner: cream of carrot, squid, white wine tomato sauce and parsley.

Breakfast: cappuccino with skim milk.

Snack: a cup of t&is;, and two biscuits.

Lunch: rice with artichokes, rolls of veal stuffed with sage and rosemary, cooked in a pan.

Snack: 200 grams of sweet carrot.

Dinner: 100 gr of soft cheese, a salad of potatoes and carrots, a banana, 50 grams of bread.

Breakfast: a cup of milk and barley and an apple.

Snack: 200 ml of carrot juice.

Lunch: pasta with zucchini, 130 g of trout fillets in the oven, carrots marinated, pineapple.

Merenda: 150 gr di yogurt.

Dinner: pear and prosciutto ham, mixed vegetables, oven baked, with bread and water.

Breakfast: fruit smoothie and yogurt.

Snack: a cup of infusion of fennel.

Lunch: pasta with tomato sauce and fresh cheese, a salad of lettuce and carrots.

Snack: 50 ml of skimmed milk.

Dinner: terrine of carrots, 100 g escalopes of turkey in flour and flavored with lemon, carrots, raw, 200 grams of strawberries, bread and water.

Breakfast: one low-fat yogurt and fruit.

Snack: a cup of caffè.

Lunch: rice with herbs, 100 g of rabbit, grilled, carrots in sweet and sour sauce, 200 grams of pear.

Snack: 200 grams of apple.

Dinner: 60 grams of cooked ham, 150 gr of carrots, flavoured with onion and parsley, a cup of strawberries.

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