Diet don’t gain weight on vacation

Now that you are finally on holiday you are afraid of grease and take back the weight after so much effort? We explain us how to not gain weight, the diet to follow and the tips don’t gain weight on vacation.

The diet don’t gain weight on vacation


skim milk, low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, also pureed, cereals, coffee; and you, light and little sweet, dry biscuits, toast with jam or honey. – Avoid sweet, fried or filled with cream and cream: they are very caloric and heavy to digest.


the snack, ideal when the weather è hot, è the seasonal fruit or a yogurt. The ice cream, better if of the fruit, when included in a balanced alimentary regime, può also be the snack of metà the afternoon, to nourish and satiate for a few hours. Eye instead to the ice and granite: does not moisturize as it seems, and are only apparently low-calorie perché contain a lot of sugar and no nutrient, instead of ice cream, which provides, in addition to carbohydrates, also proteins, lipids and water.


If you eat at home, you can also opt for a pasta with a simple seasoning (tomato sauce, fresh tomato or ragù of vegetables), or a’salad, rice, barley, or spelt. In this case, è for a good idea to avoid the condiments ready: it is better to add fresh vegetables, mozzarella cheese, canned tuna in brine, pickles, etc.,

The tips don’t gain weight on vacation

1. Avoid snacks between meals: often on the beach you in the mood for some tasty snack, but hyper-caloric, such as chips in the package, gummy candy, but also ice-cream and bars of chocolate. Resist the urge, rather, brought to the sea some fruit to bite when you feel a hole in his stomach. Stay away from drinks that make you fat and increase the calories ingested.

2. Drink lots of water: Brought the bottle in your beach bag and drink it every so often to idratarti and feel less hot. Take l’of water, also under the form of thè, herbal teas or fresh fruit and vegetables, eat at least five portions a day.

3. Careful with cocktails and buffet: the availabilityà of so many things to eat that pushes you to abbuffarti and mix the dishes, tastes and to get l’needle of the balance. Better a well-balanced meal with a first course and a side dish of vegetables or a second and a nice contour always of raw or cooked vegetables.

4. You do sport also on holiday: even if you’re on vacation, not to avoid doing activitiesà physics. At the beach be busy, in addition to sunbathing on the paving had a great time playing with the rackets on the seaside, a pleasant walk or a run on the beach, playing soccer or beach volleyball, and doing a long swim.

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