Lose weight eight kilos in two months

The weight loss depends very much on the overweight original from which you start, since you probably canà talk about obesityà  . In general will be necessary in the‚ at least five or six weeks, otherwise two months. In this case, losing weight is a matter of health. The recommendations to follow are: needà to do exercise, to abandon the habits harmful as the smoke and l’alcohol and, while doing the diet, to reduce to the maximum the sweet.

diet to lose eight kilos in just two months

Fase 1

In the first two days, it is good to act a treatment with green, leafy vegetables, boiled (swiss chard, spinach, kale, celery) which take the form of soup, boiled, seasoned with oil and vinegar.

Fase 2

For the 12 days the following you continue with a detoxification diet.

Breakfast fruit of the season: a fruit, if you want, a small banana, ripe, but only for breakfast. Infused (the better the t is).

Metà  morning a fruit.

Lunch: you can take the amounts and categories that you want but you can’t fill the pot two times, raw vegetables in a salad dressed with olive oil’olive oil, salt and vinegar or lemon. As a second dish: cooked vegetables, except potatoes.

Metà  afternoon: a slice of wheat bread with fresh pieces of lettuce and slices of tomato and gherkins or onions, to taste, with a few drops‚ oil.

Dinner: same as lunch, but only one dish. You can choose between raw or cooked vegetables.

Drink plenty of water. You can prepare a lemonade homemade sweetened; you can also drink all the teas you want: apple, mint, anise, and rosemary.

Fase 3

Is to change the dinner to a portion of high biological value protein: fish, eggs, fresh cheese. You can also take skimmed milk in breakfast.‚ Very probably the desire to eat will be diminished and you may, if you wish, delete the snacks, and pass the portion of bread at breakfast, along with fruit.

Fase 4

può to introduce a portion of vegetables as a second dish for lunch, once a week, or choose the brown rice (only a cup) or whole wheat pasta (an average serving). For dinner, instead, include meat, turkey or chicken, prepared in a manner light. Once you have finished the diet we have to be careful. We must live with l’screenshotsà that this regime has left, because dietary recommendations should not be forgotten, but serve rather to eat well and in a minor amount; of  . It is now a question of how to continue without going back to recover the weight‚ original. Every day you have to take four servings of foods rich in carbohydrates (vegetables, starch, flour, a pò homemade jam). Two servings‚ protein (meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products) and a portion of the fat (oil).


Breakfast: a cup of cereal without sugar, yogurt or fresh cheese, seasonal fruit, and coffee; with milk. In this way we get to lunch without hunger.

Lunch: salad or vegetables. A portion of the protein.

Dinner: rice or vegetables.

The quantityà  are available for vegetables, dairy, fish and lean meat; they are limited instead of the starches, flours and sugars.

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