The diet in the’adolescence

L’adolescence is a very delicate moment, characterized by a number of physiological changes: not always, these changes are accepted, creating in the’s teenage hardships, doubts, and fears.

The main concern becomes to please others, and the fear of being overweight, sometimes changing the relationship with food: follow a diet without a doctor’s supervision to try to reach the beauty models launched by the mass media, going to encounter serious health risks.

In this phase, così the sensitive life, in order to ensure a healthy growth and correct, the diet must be complete and balanced, full of all the essential nutrients; remember that no food, in and of sè è complete, therefore l’s power supply needs to be varied.

Avoid skipping meals and follow the “diet diy“; if you have a few pounds in the più, take a breakfast rich in fiber and vegetable protein, eat lots of fruits and vegetables; instead, try to limit the consumption of snacks and snacks that are rich in calories and do not fill; avoid drinking fizzy drinks as they contain a considerable quantity; sugar and create swelling. United to all of usò l’activityà physics  which is of great importance.

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