> Baby blues, cos’è

Cos’è the Baby Blues, there is the risk that he becomes post-natal depression? Perché occurs? Perché that sense of inadequacy?

This state, which has certainly components of the hormonal, metabolic and corresponds to the difficultyà to reorganize the own emotional world in this new dimension.

in Fact, the maternityà è a wonderful experience and overwhelming for most women, but it also has aspects of complexityà and the difficultiesà which relate to both life and the unconscious, the practical dimension of existence, which it turns out used to be, especially in the first pregnancy.

This revolution of rhythms, working hours, habits of life, relations with the world often results in a dimension of isolation.

This isolation, of the one part è essential to ensure the intimacyà of the new mother-child relationship, but on the other, favours the anguish and the fears of the neo-mom to face the task of completely unknown to me.

sometimes it is just boredom turned on by loneliness to trigger the feelings of guilt, strengthening the fears and the thoughts of his inadequacy to face a task the unknown, the guilt of not being able to give the best to your child, not loving him as you should.

Normally, this experience is exceeded. the più rarely results in a depressive disorder, post-partum especially when the environment is quite cozy and a diaper.


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January 30, 2017

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