> The choice of the pediatrician

La scelta del  pediatra

The paediatrician (or pediatrician) is the specialist that we choose for the care of our children, and which will followà up to 14 years.

The choice of the paediatrician is referring to the lists at the offices of the register of the health of the ASL of residence. The choice must be communicated to the same offices.

The pediatrician is compulsory for children up to 6 years; for children between 6 and 14 years the choice may be between a pediatrician and family doctor; adolescents between 14 and 16 years old, for special reasons and on a reasoned request may continue to be assisted by the paediatrician.

at The base of every working relationship between the doctor and the family there must be, of course, mutual trust. As for the family doctor, it is possible to change the paediatrician, turning always to the Offices of the register of the health of the ASL of residence.

The pediatrician ensures the opening hours of the surgery for five days a week, and performs, when it is necessary or on request, home visits.

During the night hours and at weekends and holidays, for problems that have a medical emergency you can; go to the guardia medica (doctor of continuityà welfare) from 20 to 8 on weekdays and from 10 Saturday or eve of public holiday (in some ASL activation is brought forward to 8) till 8 Mondayì, or the next business day.

The paediatrician può to associate with other pediatricians (association or group). In these cases, on weekdays, if the clinic of your doctor is closed, it is possible to refer for outpatient visits urgent doctor associated.

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