> Manuela Trinci

Is part of the tuscan group of the SPSIA (Società psychoanalytic psychotherapy for children and l¹adolescence), and of the board of directors of the Italian section of the AEPEA (European Association of Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence)

WORK experiences

After seven years of service at the Unità the Local Health n.3 of the area of pistoia since 1987 &is a freelancer and, as such, lends his expertise at the Provincial Centre of rehabilitation the Childhood of Pistoia, (AIAS) where it carries out activities; the clinic with the children and supervision with the therapists.

In this context, also the coordination and supervision of the project drawn up with the Università degli Studi di Bologna (Prof. C. Francucci), relative to the atelier of painting in childhood. Since April 2004, is the President (founder) of the Association & lt;& lt;orecchio Acerbo>> (based Villa Guardatoia Pescia) that caters to the age group; seven-fourteen through art workshops and storytelling.

Since November 2004, has the task of teaching at the Accademia Drosselmeier (dei librai Italiani), where he held seminars regarding the relationship between children’s literature and the psychology of età evolution.

a supervisor at the Service for children and adolescents of the Mental Health Department in the Northern region; ASL of Bologna. Collaborates with the pedagogical coordination of the Department of Education of the city of Pistoia, dealing with the age group; Or-5 (kindergarten and nursery schools).

The project has been articulated in a series of conferences, from four to eight lectures, which were followed by many seminars restricted intended for parents. Everything related to a specific theme: the year 2000, “The gift of the rule”; the year 2001 “Who is afraid of the black man?

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The fears of children”, 2002 “the child and The care” of seven conferences related to: nutrition, sleep, the rules, the development of creativity; boredom in children, jealousy, and friendship-solidarityà year; 2003 “Tantrums and whims”, 2004 “All together in the Latvian?”

Has collaborated with the Department of Education of the Town of Agliana (Pistoia), where she played the supervisions of the teachers of the Nest (for the whole year 1997-1998) and consulting work with parents (year 1998-1999-2000-2003-).

From 2005, this collaboration is also extended to the Municipality of Montale. the


active member ofInternational Association for the History of Psychoanalysis.

And is a member of the jury of the prize essays of psychoanalysis Gradiva-Lavarone.

since 1995 has Collaborated with the newspaper ” The Unità with a flurry of activities; scientific issues in psychoanalysis.

From march 2001 to December 2003 he held a weekly regular column (every Friday) from the title the Microbes/ Books and that was children of age 0-5.

Currently she has a column every Thursday; from title seven-fourteen, in which you address issues related to boys and girls, and to literature in their revolt. Collaborates with the weekly magazine Grazia, with the on-line magazine for adolescents Ragazzinet and, since may 2004 he collaborates with the weekly magazine of Corriere della Sera, IO Donna, and with the Radio 24 (Sole 24 ore)

editor-in-chief of the journal Psychoanalysis and Method (Borla), working with the magazine Little Hans (Moretti and Vitali) with The Antologia Vieusseux of the Municipality of Florence and with the scientific journal Real of the Museum of the History of Science in Florence and the Liber, a specialized magazine for the publishing of the children.

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And is the author of numerous scientific essays. He has published for Garzanti (1990) series “elephants,” the afterword to the book by Bruno Bettelheim, The empty fortress.

For Bollati Boringhieri, 1993’s child play and for the Meltemi (2000) The cravings of The imagination for maternal between magic and science.

For the Baldini Castoldi Dalai (2003) Microbes. the All children are born old.

For Baldini Castoldi Dalai (2004) The garden of silence, the silence of The children (AA.VV. the Rediscover the silence of Nicoletta Polla Mattiot. Together with the daily the Unità è output in the newsstand version amended and updated of Microbes from the title, Microbes, processes of growth without prejudice. (October 2004).

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