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The scientific texts define nursing that period of time, which canò swing six to eight weeks, that serves the woman’s body to restore the physical conditions in which it was before becoming pregnant. Here we will discuss small disorders, psychological aspects, how to choose and when you have recourse to the pediatrician, and all of those tips to childcare useful to the mother. But we also talk about the after.

And after? Only recently he starts to focus better after, parturition. Once it was women. With things that had to be done absolutely (keep the mother in bed forty days, which increases the risk of thrombosis), there were forò the rules that helped the mother.

Just because it; was kept in bed and could not take care of anything and then the women of the famous extended family, from ten to eighty years of age, he had deep in his home, cooked, cleaned, watched the other children, carried the baby from the mother for feeding and then often if I had the way to sleep.

The great fear, in a world that is very difficult for the infants, was the mother to lose the milk.

Now? now the mothers of the più times are from the sun. Tend to the house, to the other children if they can, breastfeeding, running, and we meet on the street, or in the clinics, exhausted, with dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep and fatigue.

This is the più of the time, implies the end of thebreast feeding and pass theartificial feeding, as if in this world of ours the thing più the donor is the relationship between mother and child, despite the big talk that it is over. But the woman più of the times &is responsible for the subsistence of the family, the cleanliness of family members, their physical survival, even if they are adults, and così the baby is sacrificed and his need of a relationship with the mother neglected.

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No one offered to wash the bath for a mother-to-be, everyone wants to nursing the child. The central problem is often how to accustom him not to bother, because it; mamma has so much to do.

How to remember that nursing is a moment of great fatigue for the mother, should be dedicated to her and to the child? floors must wash someone else, someone else può drying clothes, and even pick them up and iron while she goes to the park with your baby or she sleeps peacefully with him/her, after a feeding that is particularly long and tiring, in a now unlikely?

Mamme fatevi valere!

Lisa Canitano


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