> Pregnancy – a complete Guide to health in Pregnancy

A guide to pregnancy and on what there is to know when expecting a baby. Advice for health in pregnancy, the calendar, the calculation of the weeks, the symptoms of pregnancy, the fertile period, then the natural childbirth, where to give birth.

you Can also inquire about the exams really useful, on those for which it is not; expected the payment of the ticket and, above all, avoid the ones that medicalizzano excessively a pregnancy that the più sometimes it is physiological.

To learn about your rights in maternityà. After the birth of bebè, nursing, and immunizations. If you can not get pregnant please visit our pages on the sterilità. Finally, we mention that you can also download the Calendar of Pregnancy Online.


health pregnancy

What are the precautions and life-styles for a special moment. Discover the fertile period and calculation of ovulation. All the information from the symptoms of pregnancy, who to ask council, how to treat minor ailments. In this section we talk about the medical history, a consultation with the midwife, how to prepare for pregnancy.

And again, what precautions to observe in travel, drugs, sex, from the activity; and physical care of the body. We will also talk about of the symptoms in pregnancy and how to deal with nausea and vomiting, becauseè take folic acid. The fear and anxieties that may beset the pregnant woman, risk of fetal malformations.

exercise in Pregnancy

Nutrition in pregnancy

The dietary guidelines in pregnancy. Which power supply for the mother, which diet in pregnancy, food that is prohibited, and foods recommended. The use of narcotics and drugs, alcohol in pregnancy is to be avoided? The deficiency of iron, proteins and folic acid. What is the ideal weight. Here are the answers.

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The child grows well, and in the standard? What are the growth curves of the child breastfed? Weight and length, development, month-to-month. How to distribute the meals during the day, the weight in relation to the età, the curves of growth.

Sterilita cause e cure

Sterilità, fertilityà and assisted fertilization. What there is to know to deal with this problem. In this section: how to find the specialist suitable, the sterilità male, female and couple, When it is sterile: the diagnosis. The treatment for infertilità.

The assisted reproduction techniques: GIFT and IVF.

Maternityà and rights in pregnancy

The pregnancy, the maternityà and the rights of the mother and the papà. Informed about the laws governing maternityà and the paternità, leave, maternityà mandatory rest for breastfeeding, parental leave, the child’s illness, the mothers and fathers, workers compensationà, wages. Enter the section and learn about your rights.

the Birth and abandonment in the hospital

Questions and answers on Pregnancy

are you pregnant? Here you will find answers to your questions. From the reading of the analysis, at the time of birth. Advice, medical advice, small tips and tricks of the midwives and obstetricians of the Life of the Woman. If you do not find your answer, please write to us.

Calendar of Pregnancy

The Agenda of the Pregnancy of the Life of the Woman serves to receive useful information on life styles, to follow, to keep all the necessary analysis and findings required, to have news on the Laws that govern the rights of working mothers, have news on the services where you can ask for support in pregnancy.

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infectious diseases in pregnancy

Fears are often unfounded, can arise during pregnancy, we see what there is to fear, and becauseé. Here we talk about how to recognize the disease in pregnancy learning how to interpret the alarm signals. the chickenpox, hepatitis B and C, Aids, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus.

How you can prevent and treated?

Tests in pregnancy

What to do for the health of the mother and of the fetus? And’ the case of l’amniocentesis? Such examinations are provided for pregnancy, which are exempt from the payment of the ticket?

Ultrasound in like weeks, prenatal diagnosis in order to avoid fetal malformations. How often do the visits to the obstetrician-gynecological? Clinical analysis provided by the Protocol ministerial SSN.

In this section you will find the information to understand what is really utilile do not fall into the traps of defensive medicine and over-medicalization of pregnancy.


to Know what it takes to get to this moment with full freedomà of choice. The pregnancy to term, and the plan of childbirth, the caesarean section, the courses of preparation for childbirth, pregnancy after 37 weeks. What do we think ofepidural, what are the recommendations to Who for giving birth, the symptoms, the duration of the labor and the various stages. Is it safe to give birth naturally at home?

Perchè è better not to give birth before 39 weeks? In this section you will find the answers to your questions.

another caesarean section

You canò give birth naturally after a caesarean section?

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Il childbirth

At home with the child, how to deal with this new condition. Tips of childcare for the mother, when to worry and seek medical attention. How to deal with and who to turn to in times of difficultyà. In this section we address the post-natal depression and the problems of the mother, including small disturbance of the bebè.

Depression post partum

Feeding of children, from the first year to adolescence

How to feed our children, such as eating habits are more healthy, how to solve the problems of the feeding of the children.

Maternityà and work

The pregnancy, the maternityà and the rights of the mother and the papà.

public Services and pregnancy

The sanità dedicated to the pregnant woman: centres for diabetes in pregnancy, prenatal diagnosis, cesarean section. Also, medically assisted procreation and the references to the exemption from the ticket in the pregnancy.