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Cure atrophic Vaginitis


In the years following the menopause the vagina and vulva can undergo an involution related to oestrogen deficiency. Even if this process is the same in all women, many may complain of dryness and pain in the relationships.


This is due to a thinning of the mucosa, which loses its surface cells, reduces the component of the elastic, and, therefore, causes  a reduction in lubrication and a decrease of extensibilityà of the vagina as a whole.

women may have the sensation that the vagina is restricted, (usò that in the long run, however, takes place if action is not taken), making it difficult and painful the act.

Cure atrophic Vaginitis

This condition può be tackled through the local therapy, either using the phytoestrogens, that estrogen synthesis.

The therapy with only lubricants and/or moisturizers not dà often the results are valid, and this creates problems in women who cannot take estrogen for health reasons.

women who have for example had a breast cancer be preserved for the entire life of the prohibition of the use of both oestrogen and phytoestrogens, and must turn to alternative treatment.

The pain of può far sì that the relationships happen very rarely, and this worsens the situation. In many couples this leads to a suspension of the activitiesà sexual, as women think they do not have più sexual desire, and that this is due to the età.

A study shows that therapy local estrogen può improve the sexual life of women. Many women do not wish to, however, a sex life, going into là with the years, and this can notò be fixed with estrogen, and può still create problems with the partner.

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Germaine Greer in her bookThe second halfà of life” claims that many women take estrogen to please the husband, but that if they could leave the activitiesà sexual relief.

sometimes, it is the men, not to want a sexual life going in the là with the years, and also this can create problems with the partner, when the disinterest is not shared.

When there is a reduction of female sexual desire in menopause, one must always first of all check if it is the pain and dryness to inhibit the desire.

estrogens are described in the study are very effective but women who have side effects from either local therapy or who do not wish to use hormones, may benefit from the phytoestrogens that are applied locally, with good success.

by Lisa Canitano, gynecologist


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1 July 2013