Coffee: Good and life-saving!

It discusses the benefits of the caffè, beverage loved around the world.For many, in fact, drink the coffee; it is essential for a day, for others to take coffee; after a meal is a ritual, which will be difficult to say no. The caffè, therefore, è much moreù of a drink.


On the coffee; and its benefits, american scholars have devoted part of their time, coming to a conclusion that is really interesting, that changes the way to approach this drink. Researchers at the the National Cancer Institute (NCI), coordinated by dr. Neal Freedman,, whose research has been published on “New England Journal of Medicine“, have looked at 40,000 people, of età between 50 and 70 years of age, males and females, regular consumers of coffee; regular or decaffeinated.The researchers, analyzing the health status of individuals subject to the search and evaluation of the diseases more common, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease,stroke, in the end, scholars have concluded that those who consumed at least three cups a day of coffee; reduced the risk of death by 10 %, compared to those who consumed them.Head of research, the doctor Freedman wanted to emphasize some things on the discovery: “our è an observational study. Thereò means that we have simply asked people how much coffee is drank and we followed them. But drinking coffee&is; &is; only one of the things that a lot of people do“.

Benefits of Caffè

And if the american researchers go with feet of lead and make it clear that their is only one’s observation, and that nothing is final yet, about the benefits of coffee is, many experts in the past, I have dedicated part of their research.Già in the past, we talked about the discovery made by the researchers of the’Università   Scranton in Pennsylvania.In this case, the expert had shown how the consumption of extracts of the beans of coffee is the green, was a valuable help for weight loss.

Always on the benefits of coffee is, past studies were able to show, l’positive impact of the drink on some diseases. For example, è been shown that the caffè, reduces the risk of diabetes, in as l’acid chlorogenic acid ingredient present in the drink, it slows down l’absorption of glucose. The same positive effect also on cardiovascular diseases. You can notò say the same thing for tumors, as cancer, the coffee is; it has no preventive effect, at least according to what you have found until today, although on this point, the experts have conflicting opinions, or you think that the consumption of coffee may decrease the risk of contracting certain types of cancer.

the Risks of Caffè

After having spoken of the benefits, we pause for a moment also on the risks associated with the consumption of caffè, meaning over-consumption, that, like every thing, the risk of creating a contrary effect. The coffee contains caffeine, a substance that stimulates the nervous system, but that if not is used, può bring anxiety, nervousness, insomnia or even increase in heartbeats.In short, those who suffer from high blood pressure, the coffee is is not recommended, but in other cases, such as già mentioned, has positive effects on our body.

Dimagrire con il caffè

We talked about the fact that the coffee is also helps to lose weight.This beverage in fact contains l’chlorogenic acid which blocks the free radicals present in our body, reduces l’absorption of sugars and accelerate l’elimination of fats.There are various ways to prepare a coffee; that helps you lose weight.

  • Caffè delete fat. A way to prepare a coffee; for weight loss può be the one that helps you to eliminate fat. The ingredients are:200 ml of water, 1 scoop of soy protein; 2 tsp coffee; soluble.First, you have to dilute soy protein and the coffee is soluble in the’water, then stir carefully and drink immediately.
  • Caffè anti-hunger.Ingredients: coffee; mocha cold and one hot; a cup  milk, oat milk, 10 ml of maple syrup. Do a coffee; espresso and wait for it to cool, stir, then the coffee is cold milk and the syrup d’maple.Pour the coffee is hot over and drink.
  • Caffè diuretic. Ingredients: a coffee; double; half a teaspoon of cocoa; 3 cl pineapple juice;Mix the juice d’pineapple coffee; and add the cocoa, put it in the frigorigero to cool, drink it as a snack in the midà the day or in the morning as a breakfast without eating anything.

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It discusses the benefits of the coffee is a drink loved throughout the world.For many in fact…

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