Obesity: When the brain launches signals

L’obesityà è a problem of the physical nature but also social, becauseé negatively affects the interpersonal relationships with the other members of the società.It is really difficult to deal with this problem alone; Often, indeed almost always, c’è need a valid support to the medical/psychological,which indicates that the right way to go. By the time scholars and experts in the sector deal with obesityà, and in recognition of this theme, a research carried out by scholars of the’Università  Turku and Aalto, has identified that there is a close correlation between obesityà and the brain.


head of research, Lauri Nummenmaa, stressed how the study, , which involved obese people, normal weight and overweight, identify the close correlation between the brain and obesityà or better to say, the brain send signals to our body that tells us when to eat, when the body does not need.The study by researchers from Finnish has dealt with a point già well known to the experts in the field, on a matter still being expanded.

When is the brain to send signals to

By the time, in fact it underlines the close correlation between body and mind, and in this case just between the brain and obesityà. Our brain, in fact, send signals that are very precise to our body, both positive and negative.It also speaks of communication between the brain,adipose tissue and the gastrointestinal tract; The signals are molecules that throw up messages in the’scope of the control of the sazietà.In our body, to be more precise,two are the centers hypothalamic that indicate when there is need of nourishment.


The scholars,on the theme of communication between the central nervous system  and sazietà,have developed two distinct theories, one is called theory glucostatica, l’another is called the theory lipostatica. According to the theory glucostatica, to adjust l’appetite is the blood sugar level.In fact, there are receptors in the brain that drive us to eat,not just the level of glucose in the blood tends to go down, it happens year’s the exact opposite when, instead, the glucose salt.According to the theory lipostatica instead, the control of hunger is influenced by fat deposits, that we are all’inside of our body, when tend to be in short supply,stimulates our body,  in search of food.

 The serotonin

serotonin is a neurotransmitter primarily involved in the regulation of the’humor. Serotonin also known as 5-HT,plays an important role in the regulation of food consumption, as può inhibit l’food intake but does not affect the frequency of meals.Better to say, increases the sazietà;For example, a low-calorie diet, as it leads to a low amount; tryptophan(natural precursor of serotonin)induces to eat più.

There are certain foods that compared to other, to keep the so-called “hunger-nervosa“.These include, bananas, milk,cocoa, cereals,fruit and vegetables.Still on the topic of emotional eating, we want to talk about an american research that has discovered that there are certain foods, defined as rubbish, that create a dependence similar to that produced by nicotine, and drugs;of These foods such as chips,burgers, snacks triggers in our brain, a mechanism such that, when lacking in our body, it creates a real crisis d’s withdrawal.

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L’obesityà è a problem of the physical nature but also social, becauseé have a negative influence on interpersonal relations…


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L’obesityà è a problem of the physical nature but also social, becauseé have a negative influence on interpersonal relations…

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