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Holiday, sea and relax are not to be just d’agreement with your physical form. When it comes this time of’year, long-awaited especially during the cold winter, you will not have absolutely no desire to pay attention to the calories. How many times are you under the beating sun, and you fancy a good ice cream or a slush ice? Maybe too many, and these sugars do not make some good to your body, especially if you exaggerate.

The swimming costume test, exceeded, or not exceeded, is; that has now passed and therefore you will surrender to relaxation. Do not forget that in reality, this period of’year è among the best to lose weight! We’re not advising you to minimize the calories, in fact, an ice cream every so often never hurt anyone, but l’important è activitiesà physics. The movement è thereò that will allowà to live in form and especially well without having to deprive oneself constantly of each food.

L’summer becomes an ally of the lose weight not only becauseé sweat a lot, but also for l’atmosphere that will inciterà to carry out activities; physical. Especially sports in the water, in fact, may be essential  to finally say goodbye to those extra pounds.

These activities; may be performed both in the swimming pool, so even in the winter, but also in the middle of the summer and maybe in the’salt water of the sea. In addition to being invigorating and useful, are also incredibly funny!

What are the best sports to do in the water?


At the first place we find the swimming. Quest’activitiesà è is between that believed to be the più complete, in fact, keeps the whole body workout. Also, when the person slips in the’water, you will also be able to dissolve the fat deposits and, therefore, eliminate cellulite to make more compact the skin. II swimming is a sport that canò have a variety of purposes that serve not only to lose weight, but also to learn how to save the swimmers and to enjoy. There are a lot of different styles:  dolphin, frog and free style, but quest’last è the one that most strains the physical.

water Skiing

Among many other sport in the water, we find water-skiing, which canò be carried out safely in any surface d’water. There will be a need, therefore, of the waves or the wind, but we needà be towed by a half! In this way, taking advantage of the speedà of the boat, the athlete willà to increase its own.


The surf, however, requires the presence of the waves that can be ridden standing in equilibrium on a table. You will haveà try to take the wall’s the wave, and, in the meantime, you will be able to perform a variety of stunts. There are various types of surfing, windsurfing, Bodyboarding, Skimboarding and many others.


If you love extreme sports, we can not forget the white water Rafting that will allowà off at all speedà along the river by using a special inflatable boat, the raft. You will not be alone, but the “crew” è composed of a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8. To perform this sport you will have to necessarily wear some protection.


These sports are very similar between them, but the difference lies in the means that you’ll have to maneuver a canoe or kayak. The first allows you d kneel in and paddle on one side only, while the second allows you to sit and use a paddle to double blade.

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