Essential oils: Origin and benefits

we always Talk about diets, dietary regimens, but we pay little attention to our psyche. The mind is the engine of everything, and said, “Mens sana in corpore sano” not è so obvious, indeed, is supported by  numerous scientic research, which over the years have strengthened l’idea that when he is good to our mind, it is also good to our body. And it is so that we want to introduce the history of the essential oils.

essential Oils: Origin

L’man has a history of using the aromatic essences that are extracted from plants.Even you think that già in the 2000 A. C. men were able to extract the essential oils from the aromatic plants. At the time of the Egyptians, the essential oils were considered to be of great value, because their extraction was very expensive and valuable.You must wait until the Seventeenth century and the renaissance period, to give the aromatic plants,a value of type a physician, with recognized propertiesà medicines, and it is precisely in that period that the essential oils are used for healing purposes.With the passing of years, the essential oils take on a connotation of well-defined, and recent scientific studies support and confirm, l’positive influence of the essential oils,on our psyche.

Here’s how they are extracted essential oils

The essential oils, the other is not, that mixtures of the aromatic substances that are produced by many plants.The essential oils are extracted through :

  • Pressing
  • Distillation steam
  • Extraction by means of acids
  • solvent Extraction
  • Extraction with fluids in supercritical

 essential oils contain numerous substances from the innumerable  propertiesà. Their composition varies according to environmental and climatic factors. For example, an essential factor is represented by the light and heat of the sun.

Main propertiesà essential oils

As già as we have said, essential oils are a source of numerous propertiesà beneficial to our body. Among these the main ones are :

  • Afrodisiache
  • Analgesiche
  • Antinfiammatorie
  • Anticatarrali
  • Cicatrizzanti
  • Digestive
  • Rilassanti
  • Riscaldanti
  • Tonificanti

As you canò understand the essential oils are very useful for our body and for our mind.   can be  used for massage, or even bathrooms, in the’s power.In short, l’use of essential oils is really varied and fit just about any personal need. The bathrooms relaxing and rejuvenating are based on orange, bergamot, juniper, clove, lavender, mandarin, melissa, honey and sandalwood. To massage instead, we recommend: ‘armellina, avocado,hemp, cumin, wheat germ, sunflower, jojoba, almond, hazelnut, pistachio.But essential oils are also used as speakers, in the’environment, purify, disinfect and improve the concentration and l’humour.

essential Oils for the nose closed

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