Orzaiolo: prevention, causes and natural remedies

Among the major annoyances we may experience, we can certainly cite l’orzaiolo. It is a violent infection of the sebaceous glands.  The first thing to understand is when it comes really to this infection, even if its manifestation is very clear and mostly common. If you are effects from orzaiolo external you l’the affected eye reddened, sore and swollen. Sometimes there may be a strong repugnance to the light, and at other times, l’eye may shed tears in abundance. Also, as we told you in the affected area tenderà to swell and in the middle of it might be obvious a yellow area that indicates the presence of pus. Much more painful, and definitely più serious, è l’orzaiolo inside the eyelid.

natural remedies

L’orzaiolo is an infection that has been fought by the grandmothers, therefore, have found some remedies that can treat them as it should. Before stocking the more natural remedies, we must stress that this is not always the disease can be defeated without resorting to’use of drugs and, above all, without consulting a doctor. Then, if the pain and the swelling is intense and, above all, does not seem to go there, we recommend you contact your family doctor.

regarding the grandma’s remedies, the best remedy consists of a pack is warm, put on’s eye affected by orzaiolo. There are various compounds such as , for example, coriander, boiled or rinse the eyes with water and triphala powder.

let’s Not forget the packs of chamomile that can soothe the pain and to greatly improve the situation, così like other applications based on aloe vera, alum, flowers of calendula, peppermint, turmeric or lavender.  We recommend that such wraps are warm, but not hot to avoid overheating, and thus damage further, l’s eye.

As of the natural remedies, you can conduct transactions up to three times a day.

When to call the doctor

If, instead, l’orzaiolo does not disappear, at this point, the doctor may able to prescribe a antibiotic ointment, but we recommend that you do not let the tube of quest’last in contact with l’orzaiolo to avoid spreading l’infection.

Disable the diffusion is of fundamental importance, in fact, if you touch l’s eye afterwards you have to wash your hands thoroughly.


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