Cosmetic surgery for weight loss, a fashion within the reach of all

The cosmetic surgery in our days is increased from’be a branch of medicine is useful basically to solve serious health problems such as l’obesityà, or counteract impairments, and deformation of the physical, to become a real fashion that is often abused without knowledge of the facts.

L’accessibilityà of operations, today, he posts very vague and accomplices patients are obsessed with physical perfection, the phenomenon of cosmetic surgery has started to involve also minors and people from a very young age.

statistical Data to recent dell’AICPE speak, in fact, a significant increase of interventions in the breast, (the insertion of breast implants all’inside of the breasts), rhinoplasty (surgery to nose reshaping) and liposuction (suction of the surplus fat in localized areas) in adolescents aged between 13 and 17 years of age., in spite of this segment, d’età the boys are still in a phase of growth and therefore a surgical intervention could be very harmful for the health.

cosmetic surgery and physical well-being

The tendency to recur with frequency of cosmetic surgery in recent years, è went to root in the customs of the companyà of the western, also thanks to a market of competitive industry and rich promotional campaigns, with a number of offers for cosmetic surgery at affordable prices from Groupon at LetsBonus at Groupalia, just to mention the main sites, deals online, cover every possible type of d’intervention.

thereò you è went by summing a real media bombardment that has brought to the fore patterns and aesthetic canons that are difficult to reach by the common people, who have little or nothing to do with the natural beauty of your body.

This combination of factors has made in such a way that they were imposed at the level of socio-cultural models that are very precise, from the characters very marked and, above all, bearers of a physical standard to be very high.

From all of usò è resulting in a widespread discomfort of generations that has involved men and women of all agesà even moreù often uncomfortable with their physical and engaged in improving l’aspect also with artificial interventions.

In the case in which an adult person in their full facultyà mental chose to intervene surgically on your own body to bring her features all’s ideal physical that pursues, and feel the result better with itself, a surgery may play a dual positive role: correct the physical defect, and to help the psychic sphere of the’individual, fostering a serenityà the general and eliminating stress and frustration.

Where should be made of the interventions of the greater control it is; in the case of the più “extreme”, when that is; it has to do with people who martoriano literally his body, thinking to make it “perfect” and ending up instead with the losing your identityà, or even with the mothers decided to give a lovely bosom to his daughter for her fourteenth birthday.

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cosmetic surgery in our days is increased from’be a branch of medicine is useful, basically…

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cosmetic surgery in our days is increased from’be a branch of medicine is useful, basically…

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