The view is fogged: what are the causes?

attention to the view that is fogged.

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sometimes you need the view becomes cloudy, a phenomenon that is very common is that many people do not make the event. This disorder usually does not last più of which the second but the reasons that you hide behind can be very dangerous.

The view that is fogged usually occurs in people who are too many hours in the computer, in a local excessively heated or suffering from pressure too low or too high.  The disorder of the view that is fogged occurs with l’eye redness and pain (in this case we can speak of conjunctivitis).

The causes? A lot of allergies to poor maintenance of the contact lenses and all’using of cosmetic excessively aggressive. If the disorder is mild, in most cases, passes alone, but remember, in any case, pay attention to the cleanliness of’s eye.

l’s extended use of the pc or the presence of smoke in the room where you work, cause the dryness of the’eye. This situation occurs becauseé the production of tears is reduced significantly and, given that their action is the lubricant here is that the disorder is manifested quickly.

a View that is fogged with a headache? We can talk about headache, ophthalmic, one of the main causes of flashes and visions of lights in a zig-zag or flash. Try to lie down on the bed in the dark trying to rest, in most cases, this disorder resolves così.

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