Horse meat, Nestlé removed from the Italian trade

The news of today, it affects all the world’s Italian food. in Fact, we discovered that they were removed from the market Italian tortellini and ravioli products from Nestlè. The famous swiss company, has decided to retire in Spain and Italy, the Braised beef Ravioli Buitoni and the Meat Tortellini.

motivation? After some tests have emerged that delland traces of the DNA of horse meat is equal to the’1%. To avoid the worst and to offer a better service to the customers, the Nestlè decided to delete the above products, replacing them with other 100% beef.

apparently it is a period of rather negative for the food sector. In fact, after the scandal of Findus broke out in Great Britain, l’alarm of horse meat also extends to other products and brands. Strange behaviour of this multinational company that, until a week ago had assured to all customers that its products are beef, contained no trace of horse meat.

The problem of horse meat also comes from Nestlè

actuallyà the situation is very different from the real one, then better not to trust most of the commercially available products, becauseé could contain other meat, and not those for which you are paying.

The company has intention to enhance the overall program of a guarantee of qualityà l’adding new tests. do you Think that in England the meat of the horse, to the più coming from Romania, had been found even in burgers, pre-packaged lasagne già ready.

The spread of the scandal has pushed l’european Union take the field, and pass a barrage of tests on beef in order to verify the composition. We are talking about the test with respect to which l’Italy, the first consumer of the horse in Europe, you è expressed in a manner that is contrary, for the moment, l’only european country to do so. Stretches in the meantime the list of suspicious products that keep popping up in the supermarkets of half of Europe, by breaking the chain, Aldi in Germany and Lidl in Finland.

Meanwhile, the Paris grants to the French Spanghero, at the heart of the scandal, the shooting part of the production of minced meat and cooked-but not of the activitiesà related to the preservation of raw and frozen.

Brussels è intervened to reassure consumers and to give the go-ahead to a series of tests, but the c‘è also also need answers unit.

No risk for human health

According to some members of the european parliament it is a problem of labelling, but there is a health problem.

of course, a scandal of this kind has immediately created a decline in brutal sales of burgers, finished products and frozen meat. What do you think of this possibilityà? Buy still horse meat or beef?

The frozen products many times have labels that are not true where we read that the percentage of a product is low but in realityà and above the standards required by the taxes. What do you think? The scandal in the meanwhile, continues without a pause and concern to the entire population of the world.

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today’s news affects the world of the’Italian food. In fact, we discovered that they were…

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