In the case of cystitis, the great ursine decoction of gramiglia

cystitis is a bladder infection, generally caused by germs in the intestinal arriving to the bladder, infettandola. The symptoms are the needà to urinate often and pain in it. Può bring high fever, blood loss, intensive sweating, headaches, strong odor and unpleasant dell’s urine and abdominal pain.

natural remedies for candida, cystitis and other types of fungi, they are: Belladonna D6 , in particular, to cystitis, and if you continue to feel bad in making pipì può add the Cantharis D6. These natural remedies are to be found in herbal medicine or in pharmacy, in the form of drops. If the cystitis has been induced by a chill, Bittersweet D12 è l’ideal to take care of it, always in the drops, better if taken for 2 weeks to 5 drops per day.

The drinks recommended in cases of cystitis, are l’an infusion of uva ursi and the decoction of gramiglio, which should be drinking three cups of teas per day. L’uva ursi è the più used in case of cystitis, you put a tablespoon of leaves, on which pour 250 ml of boiling water, leave to infuse for 15 minutes and filter.

always Add to the drink a bit of baking soda to make the mixture basic. the This brew cleanses the mucous membranes of the bladder by reducing the burning. The gramiglia is used in general for the inflammatory states dell’s digestive system and urinary tract.

The decoction is prepared by boiling 5-10 grams of the root in 200 ml of water. Because it has a bitter taste and usually throws the first water, and prepares again a decoction with the root, adding a teaspoon of honey.

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October 11, 2010 at 09:52 am

I Agree on the’use of infusions and decoctions, to overcome an acute cystitis. I could see that even mallow and horsetail have remarkable effectiveness, the più of antibiotics!
I with antibiotics (taken for 4 years in a row), always targeted on the basis of all’s anti-biogramma, and for periods long of 6 consecutive months, I never solved anything. Indeed, peggioravo year, not only at the level of the bladder, but also intestinal and vaginal creating a powerful vicious cycle that I managed to break only when I stopped taking the antibiotics (after 4 long years of suffering). Also, the blueberries, the vitamin c and all products of acidifying did sì that the picture worsens always più (it was like putting lemon juice on an open wound: l’inflammation increased even further if I had not più bacteria). At the same time I started taking d-mannose (a natural sugar that attaches itself to the bacteria preventing them from sticking to the bladder), lactic acid bacteria vaginal (to restore the vaginal bacterial flora, first defense a woman has against the passage of bacteria from the’s anus all’s urethra) and oral (to restore the intestinal flora damaged too,’it by antibiotic therapy), I deleted every intimate cleanser (which alter the vaginal PH and did nothing to remove vaginal secretions containing the little bacterial flora remaining and most important defense substances) and I threw both the save-slip pads synthetic that does not allow the skin to breathe, creating l’moistureà and  is ideal for the proliferation of bacterial and fungal (thus lowering the losses for which I put the save-briefs!).
since then (5 years) I have not had the più nothing! And are not l’only. We are always più to be healed in this way:


November 26, 2010 alle 16:07

Prepare and serve infusions and decoctions using only the coffee maker neapolitan stainless steel:

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cystitis is a bladder infection, commonly caused by germs from the bowel, which arrive in the bladder,…

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cystitis is a bladder infection, commonly caused by germs from the bowel, which arrive in the bladder,…

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