Spices that tickle the mind

you find it hard to “mesh”, stay focused and cali? Some spices can give you the charge. Just use them properly in the kitchen. the lemon Balm, marjoram, mint, for example, can be finely chopped and poured over salads. the Basil, useful in the case of intellectual fatigue. Caraway seeds, lightweight and challenging with carvone, carvol and limonene. To use in the bread, in soups, with cabbages and potatoes. Cinnamon, a mild stimulant, fights melancholy.

cloves, bland soothing, useful in case of fatigue, apathy, and headaches. the Coriander, to promote circulation. According to the tradition, develops the capacity to remember. the Marjoram, stabilizes the nervous system, fights’s sleep. Melissa, back in the states d’anxiety and nervousness. It helps the concentration. the Mint relaxing, and at the same time mildly stimulated. the Chili, a mild stimulant and pain reliever. Già in contact with the tongue può to develop affection euphoric.

Parsley, has sedative effect and, thanks to the’apiolo, is useful in depression and in states of fatigue. the Rosemary, stimulant, tonic, useful in cases of fatigue and migraine headaches. Favors the memory. the Sage, stimulating, and tonic. the summer Savory, stimulating, useful in case of asthenia and fatigue. Thyme – , tonic, stimulant, promotes memory. the Vanilla, a mild stimulant on the nervous system and the brain, but it is important that it is natural vanilla.

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