From the algae in the verbana, fatigue and stress (2° part)

Ginkgo bilboa: l’extract of the leaves improves the blood circulation in the brain and increases the qualityà of the data transmission between the nerve cells. It also improves the capacity of the brain to transform glucose into energy, therefore, is useful in the case of amnesia, dizziness, difficultyà of memory, poor concentration.

Ginseng: increases resistance to stress, enhances l’activitiesà of the brain, and concentration, the abilityà to learn of the data in memory. Has a toning action.

Gotu – Kola: as an infusion, in capsules, revitalize the endocrine glands and brain cells.

Cranberries: strengthen your capillaries, improve the circulation, especially of the brain. You will probably also favor the transmission of data.

Wort: protects the nervous system, especially in cases of fatigue, exhaustion and after great efforts. And it’ s very popular as a natural antidepressant, to be consumed as fresh juice or in tablets, but also in herbal tea.

Lettuce: the knew già the Romans, develops’s soothing, harmonizing and euphoric.

Melissa: has the effect of both calming and invigorating; useful in the states d’anxiety, agitation, and melancholy. The leaves take in herbal teas like drops, or chopped in salads and in sauces.

Potato: like all of the solanaceae, has a calming effect, and può, according to the dosage, to encourage sleepiness.

Chili: it has many propertiesà ; &it is slightly stimulant, antioxidant, antithrombotic, disinfectant, pain reliever, improves circulation, strengthens the arteries, regulates blood pressure. Also is euphoric, già in contact with the tongue, inducing the release of endorphins.

Rosa canina: rich in vitamin C; tones, stimulates, fights fatigue. To be consumed as an infusion, syrup, jam, or tablets.

Savory: useful in cases of weakness and exhaustion, for example after many hours of intellectual work. Use in herbal tea or to flavour dishes.

Lime: the herbal tea of linden flowers calm and relieves cramps and combats nervousness, insomnia, melancholy and anxiety. Può also soothe the headache.

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Ginkgo bilboa: l’extract of the leaves improves the blood circulation in the brain and increases the qualityà…


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Ginkgo bilboa: l’extract of the leaves improves the blood circulation in the brain and increases the qualityà…

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