Gay undergo medical treatment homophobic

80% of the more than 30 million gay chinese feel depression and panic due to his condition, so that the market potential for cures is fraudulent is high. So the gay chinese, considered mentally ill until a decade ago, today they are victims of treatments that will supposedly “cure” their sexual orientation, in the form of therapies and medications that are considered a scam.

the West has always qualified as discriminatory the fact that the homosexuality is not included in the list of diseases in China, what is certain is that it was a way of protecting a group that until then was considered a criminal.

The gay, suffered the violent persecutions of the Cultural Revolution (60’s and 70’s) along with “minorities”, as intellectuals, artists, teachers, traders or religious. The homosexuality is considered a disease to protect gays from criminal punishment, since they could avoid jail and go to treatment.

it Was then when, around the decade of the 60’s, began to flourish and private clinics to treat and “cure” those who express their desire to change orientation. Some of these treatments use the psychotherapy, others prefer prescription medications and antidepressants or injection of hormones.

In the beginning even came to use electric shock and other type of torture to control the sexual fantasies, all these ideas were influenced by German psychologist Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing (1840-1902).

it should Be noted that none of these therapies work, as they say sexologists and doctors, it is important to remember that sexual orientation is not a disease.

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