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Trichomonas vaginalis


And a micro-organism single-celled, flagellated protozoan parasite (that is; with the tail) who swims frequently in the genital system of male and female.

Survive very short outside the human environment this is a typical sexually transmitted infection.

è frequent infection (even if it canò happen) via the baths, towels or clothing in common. The symptom After an initial phase of acute characterized by intense itching painful and loss foamy yellow greenish the characteristic smell of “meat gone bad”, infection by trichomonas vaginalis tends to self-select and può resolve spontaneously così how to continue.

How to cure trichomonas vaginalis?

metronidazole is the drug founder of the therapy trichonomicida and typically takes a single dose.

In recent years, the frequency of trichomonas is much diminished, and così his capacity to resist the therapy, and return.

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