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I condilomi, le creste di gallo, human papilloma virus.

What is condyloma

infection with human papilloma virus (hpv può be caused by various kinds of viruses, some of the più other, less harmful for the health.

its clinical forms are:

  • The condilomatosi florida, also known as the rooster’s head;
  • The microcondilomatosi, the diagnosis is not devoid of disputes;
  • The condilomatosi the so-called “flat”, which concerns especially the neck of the uterus and is diagnosed by the pap test and or colposcopy.

The condilomatosi florida is easy to diagnosis and consists of small fleshy protuberances and gnats, from which the popular name of rooster’s head with a root of hard consistency.

Can be on the labia majora, the labia, the clitoris, the skin surrounding, the anus, and also in the rectum.

The microcondilomatosi has given rise to endless discussion due to its resemblance with the “papillomatosis parafisiologica” of the vulva in woman and the hyperplasia of the groove balano-preputial in man.

In both these conditions there are a number of fleshy protuberances withoutò of any pathological significance, and to leave in peace.

If there is made a diagnosis of microcondilomatosi make sure that who you is is particularly expert in this field. The HPV infection on the neck of the uterus, può be either “florida”, “microflorida” that was “flat” and requires more precautions when the imbocatura of the uterus is the area at risk for the development of cancers.

I sintomi condilomi

The condilomatosi può be totally asymptomatic, but when the formations are numerous is rather common to have itching.

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The condilomatosi of the neck of the uterus is always totally asymptomatic. The self-diagnosis typically occurs because; washing the perceived ones that may look like “pimples“.


Basically, being at the bottom of the warts, you can burn, freeze, causticare chemically, remove surgically, but the success of the therapy is essentially tied to the capacity of the host organism to achieve an effective immune competence.

In other terms, it is possible that the warts come back finchè the organism has not learned well to keep at bay the virus.

Remember, if you have condyloma external to perform a pap test and a colposcopy for the vagina and the neck of the uterus.

For further clarification or requests for help you can call the Association the Life of the Woman the number 333 9856046

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