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 L’herpes genitale 


The herpes virus genital herpes virus type II, is a sexual transmitted infection very similar to those elicited from’the herpes virus labialis type I.

this Is the so-called “fever”, that is, those bubbles are annoying and that appear on the lips but also in other areas of the skin, usually during an influence, a period of stress, intense exposure to the sun.

They are caused by the replication of the virus within our cells.


The first time you get genital herpes, the symptoms are generally quite important: the presence of bubbles in the white, in variable number from two up to twenty and more, is accompanied by a sense of itching and tension annoyingly painful.

Every attempt toò to bring relief from scratching is inhibited by the extreme pain that it causes even the side by side. These symptoms joins also often fever and swelling of the glands, inguinal and redness and generalized by the party concerned.

The herpes virus once you contract it tends to remain inside the human body to start to replicate in times of immune deficiency, but the later episodes are much less dramatic in that the immune system retains the memory of the virus and stops the replication in the time più short.

Come si cura l’herpes genitalis?

If you are facing a first episode let yourself go, you precriveranno an antiviral oral, very expensive but totally at the expense of the National Health Service, which willà to shorten both the duration and the intensity, of the symptoms.

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The tablets of the antihistamine can help to reduce itching.

For the next few episodes a cream antiviral, even if it is very expensive and not paid for by the National Health Service, it may, if used at the first symptoms, reduce the duration of the episodes.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive therapy man speaking from many years of the imminence of a vaccine. the you must abstain from intercourse from the earliest symptoms and in reality; it is thought that those who are suffering from Herpes genitalis can transmit it during periods of latency.

A correct behavior on the part of the carriers of herpes genitalis would be to communicate to the upcoming partner status can contagiosità.

For further clarification or requests for help you can call the Life of the Woman number 333 9856046


genital Herpes: screening tests not recommended for HSV

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