> The Papilloma virus infects the più men and women

refers to the specialized magazine ” Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that the public work accomplished by a group of researchers from theOhio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The research has been performed on approximately 5,500 volunteers with an age range between 14 and 69 years, and the data appear to be rather obvious.

The 10% of men had contracted HPV orally, against the 3.6% of women.

The papilloma virus is the major causes of cancer of the head and neck, and for these pathologies among the additional risk factors are smoking and alcohol. HPV is responsible also of the tumours, genital, and anal.

Always with regard to risk factors, according to the researchers, HPV plays however an important role by up to 50% of the probability; of developing a cancer. In their work, as scholars have integrated the research with the results of a study by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

The conclusions were reached after required of each volunteer, in addition to a sample of cells of the mouth, with information on their lifestyle, including their sexual history.

According to the coordinator of the study, Maura Gillison, the data should suggest an intensification of the work on vaccines, già existing against HPV.

For the Gillison, in fact, “the effectiveness of The oral vaccine against the HPV infection is still unknown” and thereò does not recommend the vaccination as the “primary prevention of cancer oropharyngeal”.

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