> Il virus delle verruche umane. Human papillomavirus

There are many types of this virus, but the types “16” and “18” seem to, after a lot of research, actually involved in the birth of cancer of the neck of the uterus.

The meeting with the human Papilloma Virus (hpv seems to be almost an obliged passage for the women on the occasion of the beginning of their activitiesà sexual.

in fact, a finding very common in young ageà, which decreases with the years.

most of The women develop over the years an immune defense against the virus, while some continue to host it in the genital tracts.

women in which to dwell for a long time types “16” and “18” seem to be the ones più at risk for development of carcinoma of the neck of the uterus, between 30 and 40 years.

it Must be forò absolutely remember that not all of these women will meet at the tumor, and the regular performance of the pap test the protectà anyway.

The U.s. press becauseé the pap test be paired or even replaced by tests for the detection of Papilloma Virus.

And it is necessary forò to remember that in the United States, because of the health services to the poor, almost halfà of the answers of the pap test are incorrect, and this explains the pressure to replace that examination with a method of the laboratory, which can give a greater reliance.

In Europe the reliability; of the pap test is very high and the feeling that behind this push is the desire to conquer a market is, unfortunately, very strong.

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Also, we must consider the impact of the news of the presence, within their own bodies, a virus that causes cancer of women who will probably not fall ill ever of the tumor, and that, anyway, can not do anything at the present time to delete this virus.

in The light of these considerations, the orientation of the prevention services of europeans, it is to invite women to do the pap test regularly, and taking research of the virus to research centers for the purpose of further acquisitions.


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