> Sexually transmitted diseases. Crabs, itches and heartburn.

The roaches Pediculus pubis or pubic Lice pubic


Are the lice of the pubic area (pediculus pubis) are known for their fit with the popular name of “crabs”.

Can be transmitted during sexual intercourse but also from sheets or bathrooms not washed.

Il sintomo

If the itching is very intense and is related not only to the external genitalia but also the pubis, beware of the pubic hair carefully with a magnifying glass.

you Might find each of your pets a light color from the flat body and legs similar to those of small spiders.

La cura

Non è niente di grave!!

In the pharmacy they sell a powder (MOM), which kills them without even need you to depiliate.

Let it put it also to your partners and repeat the application after 15 days, for the eggs.

If you have neglected too long the situation could not be più così simple.

For further clarification or requests for help you can call the Association the Life of the Woman number 333 9856046

page last updated on January 26, 2012

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