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What are sexually transmitted diseases?

Are infectious diseases that affect, with some exceptions, the area of the genitals and the urinary tract, i.e. the urethra and the bladder, can be caused by parasites, viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

How to take the sexually transmitted diseases

these Are the diseases that are spread through sexual intercourse. although the majority of these micro-organisms have low capacity of resistance out of the human body, you can notò exclude the possibility that the contagion can occur (rarely) through the shared use of objects (towels, underwear, etc).

For the rest, the urban legends related to possible contagions in public places such as toilets, swimming pools and other explain a quantityà così small percentage of infections by that deserves the name of legends; the infection sneezes or coughs è to exclude.

Obviously, when we denote sexual intercourse as the major cause of the spread of a disease, we mean all of the relationships in which there is a direct contact between the mucous membranes, body fluids, semen; this applies not only to traditional sexual intercourse but also to anal sex, and oral.

According to a classification much in use in San Francisco in the ’80s, the sexual practices are divided into:


  • the Completely secure: the mutual masturbation, voyeurism, and little else;
  • the

  • the safe: relationships penetrativi protected and kissing with exchange of salive;
  • the

  • the Dangerous: relationships penetrativi not protected and, in general, exchange of body fluids.

Are dangerous diseases? That thing can cause? How to treat?

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diseases “historical” and those defined as “venereal” as syphilis or gonorrhea, the infections that have caused panic until the years ’40, with the emergence of antibiotics have the same gravityà of the common cold. Other pathologies, such as candida, you take care of safely with local applications of creams.

still Others, can be prevented with a vaccine: we talk abouthepatitis b a sexually transmitted disease more dreaded at this time è Aids; there is not a vaccine to prevent it or treatment to eradicate it, even though many advances have been made to slow down the progress of the infection and improve the qualityà of life of infected people.

As you can see from the table, many of the sexually transmitted diseases can be cured by getting a full healing provided that they are early diagnosed and promptly treated with the appropriate therapies. you concern yourselves, for your health, the appearance of the first symptoms (are treated in detail in the cards), like this:


  • vaginal discharge unusual both for quantityà, for color, or smell;
  • the

  • itching or burning during urination;
  • the

  • pain during sexual intercourse;
  • the appearance of blisters or ulcers in the genital area.

infections that you may have the contract, if not treated, the più soon as possible with resoluteness, may cause complications and involve other people.

How to prevent sexually transmitted diseases?

The prevention of infection occurs primarily through the use of the condom.

Some associations of gay argue that the use of condoms protects the health and freedom; and sexual inside of a pair is stable and that therefore, far from being considered as a factor of oppression, should be experienced as an open door to the libertà.

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If you are unable to adopt a position così, a modern and extreme, remember that, as says the Italian, “the problem, then it is a problem is that when I’m good, not c’è nothing that I theme” and it is very difficult to associate a new relationship, with all the baggage of hopes and illusions that often brings with sé, a thing così prosaic and unpleasant as a sexual transmitted infection.

Emma Chiaia, an intelligent journalist, offers to girls and women in general to talk about condom well before you give beginning to the preliminary sex of the sentences of the type: “but you do know that my friend Mary has done the HIV test becauseé has had a relationship without a condom? I do not really know, these days, as if they can do without.”

If he understands and you do not have the courage to take them in the bag, if you will goà to procure; if you do not understand, you can say: “but you said it yourself!! No I can’t do it right, I like you a lot, but I don’t know where to start.”

Remember that there are studies on the increased risk of illness for women is linked to their inabilityà psychological vis-à-vis the security request.


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