> Gonorrhea or gonorrhea, what is and how to treat it



Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease due to a bacterium with a round shape and is characterized by a lack of capacityà to survive long outside of the human body.


In its blown form, dà a place to abundant loss yellowish arriving in wet clothes and sheets.

From this symptom, it derives the popular name of “drain“.

If untreated it can spread to the joints, giving rise to the so-called Arthritis Gonococcal.

How to cure gonorrhea?

In Italy, but not in all countries, is available Spectinomycin in mono administration intramuscolo.

Many oral antibiotics are equally effective,. All the drugs indicated are the responsibility of the Service Santario National.

The healing is complete, rapid and permanent.

For further clarification or requests for help you can call the Association the Life of the Woman number 333 9856046

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