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Among sexually transmitted diseases, genital warts are among the più frequent. Halfà of the population is sexually active sarà sooner or later, infected by the HPV. Among the women, the higher frequency is explained also by their anatomical conformation.

Are affected by this disease, also known as condilomatosi genital, both the mucous membranes which the skin around the genitals. The appearance is that of small neo-formations (popular name for rooster’s head), rough, harsh to the touch, which can bind, giving rise to growths similar to a cauliflower. Can be of various sizes, up to be almost invisible.

typically the HPV responsible for condilomatosi genital do not belong to the strains involved in the development of the cervical carcinoma.

In the vaccine, there are antigens that enhance the immune response to the HPV responsible for genital warts.


genital warts develop, they usually women on the vulva, vagina, perineum (between the vagina and the anus), the anus and the neck of the uterus. the men can appear on the glans, the penis, scrotum, anus and the surrounding skin.

And you can also find them on the mouth, in the throat and on the tongue, in the case of relationships orogenitali.

The symptoms of genital warts include:


  • Small growths isolated, gray, or flesh-colored on the genitals.
  • the

  • Growths in small groups with an appearance similar to cauliflower.
  • the

  • Burning or itching in the genital
  • the

  • Bleeding during intercourse

genital warts can be so small as to be invisible, even if, with time, they grow until they reach, if not treated, large.

it is always useful to be seen by a doctor to confirm the diagnosis and plan any treatment.


genital warts are one of the events of HPV infection. more Than 40 strains of this virus have a specific aptitude to hit the areas of the genitals. The HPV infection is a sexually transmitted disease, probably the più widespread in the world, but in most cases heals spontaneously without giving symptoms of any kind.

risk Factors

The factors that can increase the risk of having genital warts are:


  • Activitiesà sexual, non-protected, with più a partner.
  • the

  • Having another sexually transmitted disease.
  • the

  • Activitiesà sexual, with the unknown partner.
  • the

  • early Beginning of the activitiesà sexual.

Despite these behaviors increase the possibilityà to have genital warts, it is intuitive that even a single relationship with a partner known, but not the virgin, può be sufficient for the infection.


Complications of genital warts may include:


  • the Cancers. In general, as già said, the strains of HPV responsible for genital warts are not high risk involved in the genesis of carcinoma of the cervix. A woman who performs a pap test negative, according to the preset interval range from their own controls do not have an increased risk of carcinoma of the uterus only becauseé have genital warts. It is evident, forò, that the route of transmission of these viruses to low-risk può also be used by virus at high risk, in which case the pap test or swab to the research of the virus to high-risk may be positive.
    According to the più modern evidence, a woman with a negative pap test in the presence of a positive swab for human papilloma virus (hpv high-risk, must only repeat the pap test every 12 months. Women negative the research of the papilloma virus of high risk may run it with intervals più long, even in the presence of genital warts.
  • the

  • the Pregnancy and genital warts. Due to reduced immunityà, normal in the pregnancy, genital warts can grow to a large size up to give difficultyà to urinate. There is no indication to perform a caesarean section for the presence of genital warts, unless they are così large as to obstruct the exit of the head of the child. Also the laryngeal papillomatosis of the baby is modernly considered an event whose treasuresà does not impose any change of the modeà of childbirth. Genital warts, however, can normally be treated during pregnancy by skilled personnel.


Some are running in the examination for the research of genital warts using the acetic acid also on the mucous membranes of the external and on the penis. Currently, this procedure is reserved to the mucous membranes inner feminine, while the outside is just a good magnification with a light similar to one of the rooms, or dermatological, or a colposcope.

Pap test

The pap test is perhaps the examination of the più popular for the prevention of cervical cancer. If a pap test is altered may be due to the low-risk HPV genital warts, this does not indicate an increased risk of cancer. See: pap test

Test for HPV

As già said, the strains of HPV resulting in genital warts are not usually implicated in the development of tumors. It is, however, essential to always follow the programme of prevention of carcinoma of the neck of the uterus to the centre of us più close. In Italy, in most Regions, the active screening services can generally be reached through your local health authorities with a toll-free number.

You should note that, in general, the research of the virus has an interest only after 30 years of age, as in women più young people &is an affection common in the majority of cases destined to end up alone. In the range between 25 and 30 years and in specific cases, also for 21 years, è still need a pap test. See: Test HPV


Treat the genital warts it is essential to our health, even though we may not be pleased to forward to to the people with whom we have sexual relations, or to disseminate it in the gym and in the pool.

They can forò cause itching, burning, pain, and emotional stress if they are visible. As well asé may increase in number and size. In these cases, it can be treated, or with self-treatment or through treatment by your doctor.

No system guarantees the best of another on the possible recurrence. In general, warts tend to recur, although genital warts often, after a couple of years, not return to the più.


Some of the therapies apply locally.


  • Imiquimod. This active ingredient seems to have the capacity to reduce relapses by stimulation of the immune system. It is essential to follow the instructions carefully, as the product is irritant locally and, if transported in the lap with the hands after the application. Can occur redness, ulcers, and also general symptoms such as muscle aches, cough and skin rashes.
  • the

  • the Podofillina. It is a vegetable derived substance with destructive action in respect of the fabric of the warts. Può be applied either by a doctor of their own home. It is contraindicated in pregnancy and può be seriously irritating to the surrounding tissues. Do not apply on mucous membranes.
  • the

  • trichloroacetic Acid (TCA). This substance destroys genital warts with modeà caustic. Must be applied exclusively by the doctor.

There are numerous products for the self-treatment of warts, it is recommended not to use for genital warts. The genital mucous membranes may be attacked by these substances and cause burning or pain.


If the genital warts are più large or you want a solution più quick, è possible to perform treatments physical and surgical centers. This is possible even when the drug therapy is not successful, or in pregnancy.

The physical treatments include:


  • the Freezing with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy). It is possible, by means of a special equipment, freeze genital warts. During the healing of the lesions fall out and are replaced by new skin. Può be necessary to repeat the application, and there may be pain after the treatment.
  • the

  • the Electrocautery. It is possible to burn the genital warts using a scalpel, electric, after local anesthesia. This must be done by the hands of particularly skilled, especially in the case of extensive lesions, prevent scarring and narrowing of scarring. After the procedure, può be necessary to take drugs anti pain and cool the affected part.
  • the

  • surgical removal. In the case of warts of the large volume, it is possible to perform a surgical removal from the run necessarily in the general anesthesia.

  • the

  • the laser Treatments. This type of treatment is cost, and does not offer great advantages with respect to the therapies described above. Può cause scarring and pain post-treatment.



  • the Use a condom in each occasion helps to reduce the risk of genital warts. The security level is rather high, however it does not offer absolute certainty.
  • the

  • the Vaccination. It was developed a vaccine, named Gardasil. Protects against infections caused by two strains of HPV responsible for genital warts and two strains that may cause cervical cancer. These strains are the more frequent and as a result there is a great advantage in terms of collective health. Women vaccinated must forò, due to the presence of many other strains, however, follow the program of prevention of their area.
    The international guidelines recommend the HPV vaccination routine for the girls, and in some Regions also for the boys 11 and 12 years. Many recommend that if the immunization is not è was made at the età, is made for women to 26 years and for men at 21 years. If you make the vaccination before the start of the activitiesà sexual effectiveness is maximum, but also vaccinate under 30 years of age può to reduce the risk of genital warts by 50%.
    studies Have been conducted on the side effects following isolated reports. Are generally mild effects such as arm pain, headache, slight alteration feverish. At the present time have not been confirmed reports of serious side effects prolonged in the time. See also: the Vaccine for the human papilloma virus (warts human)


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