> Pap test e cell parabasali

And what are the implications of the presence of the latter, for something serious and worry? thank you in advance for the answer!


Dearest one, not c’è nothing to panic about, the cells of the vagina are in più layers, as most of the fabrics of our body.

Starting from the più the deep, they call the basal, parabasal, intermediate and superficial. Women in menopause may have fewer superficial cells because the lack of hormones makes it less complete reproduction of the various layers, così as an inflammation può to shrink.

all In all, forò not è a data from which you canò starting to make a diagnosis. If the pap test is defined as negative that’s fine così.

If, instead, the pap test, there is written ASCUS or other things, then it is another matter, and the repetition after care should clarify the situation.

The pap test, however, should not be carried out in the presence of inflammation becauseè è a little indicative to understand what it is, only serves for the prevention of cancer, and for this last is affected by the alterations of inflammation.. let us know, if you want to, as it goes along.

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19 agosto 2012

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