> Pap test e flogosi

cellule pavimentose, cellule endocervicali, granoluciti, eritrociti, lactobacillus the vaginal.

the Finding of alterations in vaginal benign, reactive and associated with inflammation of high degree.

I Would like to know what it means thanks a lot


Nothing, the neck of the uterus is done così.

There are the cells of the tissue of the uterus (pavimentose, endocervical, and this tells you that è was taken enough, that is; inside and outside), white blood cells (granulocytes), red blood cells (erythrocytes) lactobacilli, which are the bacilli that say that the vaginal is in place.

C’è inflammation, of course. C’è the trauma of relationships, menstruation, maybe the pads.

The neck of the uterus is a little like the tonsils, is a port of entry, and therefore is always “on fire”.

Non c’è nothing that does not go forò, in this response of pap testing, unless you do not have the disorder.


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