> Pap test ASCUS, Cin 3, explanations of the results. Biopsies and neoplasms.

Pap test, biopsia per rischio di neoplasia.

I did the pap-test: a Framework for cytology from the inflammation is moderate, the presence of some cells of alteration doubtful. We recommend that you review colposcopico and cytology within 3 months. I did the colposcopy: the Presence of small areas of acid positive with mosaic regular. The doctor advised me the biopsy , I’m scared, I’m afraid I have a tumor. My question is : If there was a tumor you would già detected by pap smear and colposcopy?

you do Not have any neoplasia, the colposcopisti bioptizzano habit, but in many countries in North Europe, you would not have made even the colposcopy and probably your pap test would be normalized with time. Of course, there could be also the hypothesis that these specks, in the course of the next five or ten years if it were to be a neoplasm, but in the screening of north-european people think it is not worth to scare women who have così, and which, in the great majority, are very healthy……we’re a little più interventionists, and there is just a little biopsiare and treat…..

it is better? It is worse? No one really knows, however, you do not worry about or you’re doing an excess of prevention for a disease that would not ever come to the same (the thing più than likely) or you’re doing primary prevention really useful, that is; delete the cells that in the future you would have problems…in both cases forò you don’t have anything serious now and you will not have anything serious ever, relaxed. A little bit of fear in più è the price that we pay to prevention…., you’re quiet

The pap test that reveals the “altered values”

date 14/01/03 my wife has done the pap test free of charge. The 04/02/03 is contacted by hospital telling her to go to the 05/02/03 investigation, as the values are “altered”. I am worried and I would like to have news about it, to be più quiet, and to be able to tranquilizzarla

The reason why you can reassure your wife, is that the pap test ensures that what is found are the alterations that could, over the years, transformed ( and not always!!!!! such as in) in a tumor, but not, we repeat are NOT a cancer in the act. There is very difficult, often understand this thing, and the only way that, perhaps, we have to realize is, precisely, the comparison with the in. Those who check in regularly to see often is subjected to the removal of a mole, but this absolutely does not mean that you have a melanoma, but rather that if you continue to control it willà always intervene before any of its in that can come in mind to turn. Così è the pap test is abnormal, it is possible that your wife should undergo a biopsy, and perhaps even a treatment, but this does not mean that it has a tumor, it means the contrary, that even if some of its cells had to be reminded of it , in the future , to transform itself in the sense neoplastic ( and we’re never sure), this will beà più.

Il pap test negativo

If the pap-test is the result “negative, inflammation”, what should I do?

Modernamene the pap-tests are considered negative if the positive and negative in the opposite case. This means that the directions are ancillary are not always important. To say that a pap test is inflammation means is usually that on the slide were found many white blood cells, which,in some periods of the cycle, is also completely normal. If you have losses, or sorrows or troubles of another kind is not; however, this examination indicated. If you have any of these disorders, you can ask to be visited in a clinic where we take care of gynaecological infections. If you do not have any of these disorders this is a pap test normal.

Un pap test “Cin 3”

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My wife is 36 years old, and he did a pap test the other week. The result is a dysplasia of the uterus, Cin 3. Next week will bring; the colcoscopia. The pap test above was done a year ago. Of course, the news is very worried and I am also.

the dysplasia of The uterus, though of high degree, is always a lesion that precedes ( and not with absolute certainty ) that the cancer of the neck of the uterus, and not è a tumor. The possibilityà that there is something moreù è to exclude, given that there is a pap-test negative very recently, and the history of the tumor in the neck of the uterus takes place, roughly, in the span of a decade. Usually involves the removal of a portion of the neck of the uterus, and most of the women after può to have other pregnancies without problems. If you need a centre specialised in public close to where you live please let us know, for the rest there is nothing to worry about seriously.

A pap test ASCUS (positive): flora coccica, candida. What is the relationship with a pregnancy?

I Am a girl of 26 years old at the end of October I went for a check-up visit to the gynecologist to see if everything was in place to be able to have a baby. Aside from the visit, check normal, I did the pap test, where è result: “ectocervix: you observe squamous cells with abnormalities atypia of uncertain significance, although verisilmente reactive to the presence of flora mainly coccica”.

I have a prescription for the treatment with 3 ovules (cleocin 100mg ) and the lavender. You are not being “guarirta” he made me do a vaginal swab, where è the result that I had candida albicans (medium colonies). 6 eggs IFENEC 150mg douches then 1 egg, FLAVIN T. After 10 days I finished the treatment, not having the più disorders I had unprotected intercourse (2 days after the menstruation ), the result has been that the day after I had a loss and a slight itching. My questions are: è possible that the treatment hasn’t worked? può be the sperm of my husband to irritate? può be something “chronic” that is not me I take the più? How much should I expect to be able to have a baby? If I had to stay in town-what happens?

The problem is so that guests have into the vagina. Both the mycelium coconuts normally live in the channel and female genital. With the use of clindamycin you have obviously cut off the flora coccica with the result of favoring the prevalence of the fungi, and then after you had to take antifungal drugs. None of these two populations forò hampers the future of a pregnancy, also becauseè, as you know, reinfection is possible, and is indeed almost the norm. The problem, if anything, is the response of the pap test is ASCUS, that is; not perfectly normal.

our advice is: repeat the pap test and , if the answer is inflammation forget it all and make the child you want, in the meantime, try to restore the vaginal flora with the glow plugs to the lactic acid bacteria that you can ask the pharmacy -repeat pap test, and if the answer is again ASCUS, ask to do a colposcopy in the service of the second level, in a hospital, possibly linked to the screening on cancers. Usually behind an ascus not c’è nothing, but the response time and the therapy should be to normalize, if not &it is best to consult someone expert, otherwise you may minimize or exaggerate.

Write again and tell us what doubts you have, and if you like, where you live to try with you the service of the second level. ( it seems to us that the citologo he read the slide is undecided between two answers: ASCUS cell changes squamous of uncertain significance, which is an alteration and , if confirmed in time requires further investigation and ACR, alterations in cellular reactive, which in reality corresponds to a substantial normalityà of the pap test. You can; accept this type of response, but at a certain point, after a repetition, we must decide, così also you can adjust accordingly )

A pap test “with cellular alterations benign

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Today, I visited your site and I have decided to write in order to have the explanation of the results of my pap test that I è joint letter: cellular Alterations (benign) due to inflammation.

The answer to your pap test, whose initials is the ACR ( alterations in cellular reactive), is considered to be currently a normal response. In fact, the neck of the uterus is a structure on the boundary between the inside body and the outside, and is able to keep active in a stable manner of the defense mechanisms ( inflammation ) in respect of external agents that are potentially harmful or foreign (sperm, bacteria, etc.). In the words practice your own neck of the uterus is only her duty as a sentinel, and the fact that there are white blood cells or altered cells is normal, a bit like in the tonsils.

Pap test e verginità

I Am a girl of thirty years I would like to have information! Doing the pap test you will lose the verginità?

we Could make an interesting discussion if the verginità you lose to a physical fact ( tearing the hymen ) or to a fact of experience (sex with someone). If you want to talk about, but, anyway, the pap-test is not è an examination is recommended in women who have never had sexual intercourse, because their risk of having problems with the neck of the uterus is practically non-existent.

Pap smear with squamous cells with abnormal cytological hpv

At the end of November I performed a pap test and the result è was: esorcevice : squamous cells with abnormal cytological attributable to the virus hpv, my gynecologist told me to wait and at the end of February 2003, I re-run the pap test, which gave other results : esocervive – squamous cells with abnormalities atypia of uncertain significance, although it is likely reactive to the presence of flora coccica. Conclusions Ascus-reactive. There are two possible results così different? What do you do?

The neck of the uterus is a structure in constant motion, because it is; it always holds, for the così to say, “the engine running” in the eventualità of pregnancy. Sometimes is difficult to distinguish the diseases initial from its normal changes. You might as well have hosted the virus of the papilloma in November and essertene freed later. ASCUS-reactive is a response that should not be accepted. Or if you have an ASCUS, that is; of alterations, which is not; a clear definition, and then you may still have the ongoing battle with the virus, or other problems that eventually need to be addressed, or you have an ACR, that is, alterations in reactive for the presence of flora coccica, which is a finding of the normal as the flora, usually inhabits in the vagina and the neck of the uterus reacts to his presence. We would advise to do a consultation with a service of a second level inserted in screening programmes the national. If you tell us where you live we can show you the più close.

a negative Pap test of class 2 for inflammation

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I am writing to obtain information on the meaning of the results of the pap test. I am 27 years old and in the last 4 years, my pap test is negative result of class 2 for inflammation. In 2001, also as a comment it was written, these isolated elements disclerotosici. The last run in 2002, unfortunately I haven’t received it, but I has been recommended to repeat the test since I received the invitation from the ausl, in fact, usually, the examination runs my gynecologist, which, however, does not è never showed too worried about it. I also have to say that I have a family history represented by although the safety and effectiveness of my mother (38) years, my grandmother and the other her daughter.

in the Meantime, you have to see why; they removed the uterus of your mother, your aunt and your grandmother. Before, but ahimè still now in part, she removed the uterus even for petty reasons and don’t tell us if they were affected by the tumor, and where the neck or body. Isolated elements discheratosici means that while it would be normal for the cells of the neck of the uterus were devoid of keratin, becauseè è a mucosa, a few cells, as a reaction to an insult, they are producing keratin, as if they were skin cells.

And’ the insult is a problem that over the years may be associated with a cancer? It is linked to vaginal infections? It is linked to sexual intercourse? Just repeating the pap test in the time you canò understand where the neck of the uterus, if it has only of inconvenience, or is running some kind of risk. Modern you try to force citologi to take a decision on the net: okay, not okay, and not to describe what they see. But in biology it is not easy to cut things clearly…..I sometimes say that è a bit like in marriage. You get married thinking that you will love him forever, and then after twenty years the throw giù from the stairs screaming, and the shots below of the suitcase.

it is difficult to say the exact day in which the process of disamoramento è become irreversible, in which there were più margins to recover. Sure, there were signals before, but it was not said that it comes down really to a conclusion così drastic……then, when things go really bad you can; try to go to therapy together, but lì the disorder is now coded and recognized.

In the controls preventing often the things that pose the same type of doubts. Isolated cells discheratosiche is like a quarrel, passing or you need to control better? However, the pap test regularly, do it again, if something is wrong sooner or later it comes out and anyway, if you run regularly, you’re always in time to intervene with little damage to the uterus itself.

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