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In response to the pap test that I è arrived a few days ago there is written “reattività of the cells of the flat epithelium multi-layered and endocervical. Metaplastic cells. Considerable exudate inflammatory chronic. Bacteria. Negative for neoplastic cells”.

The gynecologist has written that was okay with the treatment that I had prescribed and that in 6 months I have to make another control.

However, could you explain what I have? Because it; sometimes it seems that I still have a pò burning and I did not understand if can I have sex with my boyfriend.


Dear, your pap test is normal. The neck of the uterus is a bit like the tonsils, it is normal to be inflamed.

The function of the pap test is the identification of the lesions pre-and from that point of view is totally negative.

If you do not have the disorders you do not need any therapy after this test, and don’t have to repeat it after six months.

Only if the slide is low-skilled, this is a response to risk and this we cannot know.

Non c’è in your town; a cancer screening programme free of charge for the prevention of cervical cancer? If c’is to do the pap test with them to get a bit of time, one or two months, and see what they tell you.

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