> Sterilità, dosage hormonal high

Or it would be a whole another thing that is not center with the sterilità? The pill yasminelle può be taken for many years without problems?

One last question, this type of high dosage that I could cure with this pill then suspend it and don’t take the più?

If yes, for how many years should be taken?

There are other methods to cure this disorder with a few other things, such as, for example, of the supplements, given that they are not medicines and are not so’ bad as the yasminelle?


Dear these things are to be evaluated by a doctor that you look, you listen, and you can do it by e-mail.

What we can say is that this hormonal changes does not cause sterilità, but that there may be some difficultyà to conceive to be overcome with a little care.

you can get it without pause until you want a child without any problem, there is no scientific reason for a stop the pill periodically.

there is a disorder that you care with the pill and then move on, as if it were a case of pneumonia, we put, is rather a condition that canò also heal spontaneously or persist for many years.

The choice of supplements also depends on your assessments of contraceptive.

You need the pill from that point of view?

let’s Talk about it again.


Pill Yasminelle, the risk of not being able to have children?

Sterilità, all you want to know

Suspend the contraceptive pill is it for?

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April 2013

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