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The test HPV  the vaginal Swab and bacteriological examination of fresh

I have a suspected vulvo vaginitis, they told me that I have to do a swab and a bacteriological examination of fresh. What it consists of?

pregnancy Test. Interpretation

Dear doctor, sinceè my cycle has a huge delay (the start date of the last menstruation is April 12), 3 days ago, I performed in the laboratory analysis of the blood. The result is the following: S-beta HCG , met. chemiluminescence, a result of 1.00 UM mlU/mL. (val. reference: up to 5). I would like to know what it means, and if in one case or another, the result is absolutely safe or if you might need additional analysis to exclude or confirm the presence of a pregnancy. Amniocentesis at S. Anna of Turin, I am writing to You becauseé I would like to clarify the following doubt: to take advantage of the exemption from the ticket for the test you must have 35 years.

Toxoplasmosis, and exemption from the ticket

pregnant 9 weeks: I’m not immune to toxoplasmosis so I have to repeat the test every month. I have been told in a laboratory agreement with the SSN, the exemption of the ticket applies only for the first time, and in any event within 13 weeks. I read the text of the law, and it seems clear to me, because it says that if you are not immune, the tests have to be repeated every 30-40 days, but without having to specify that every time this is exempt from the payment. Can you please give me some information on this issue, possibly showing me where to go to find information, more detailed information on the law? I would not like having to pay for investigations that are exempt ..

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A negative pap test

If the pap-test is the result “negative, inflammation”, what should I do?

A pap test ASCUS (positive): flora coccica, candida. What is the relationship with a pregnancy?

I went for a check-up visit to the gynecologist to see if everything was in place to be able to have a baby. Aside from the visit, check normal,I did the pap test is the result: ……

the Pap test, biopsy for risk of malignancy

I did the pap-test: a Framework for cytology from the inflammation is moderate, the presence of some cells of alteration doubtful. We recommend that you review colposcopico and cytology within 3 months. I did the colposcopy: the Presence of small areas of acid positive with mosaic regular. The doctor advised me the biopsy , I’m scared, I’m afraid I have a tumor. My question is : If there was a tumor you would già detected by pap smear and colposcopy?

A pap test that reveals the “altered”

date 14/01/03 my wife has done the pap test free of charge. The 04/02/03 is contacted by hospital telling her to go to the 05/02/03 investigation, as the values are altered”……..

A pap test “Cin 3”

My wife is 36 years old, and he did a pap test the other week. The result is a dysplasia of the uterus, Cin 3. Next week will bring; the colcoscopia. The pap test above was done a year ago. Of course, the news is very worried and I am also.

A pap test “with cellular alterations benign

Today, I visited your site and I have decided to write in order to have the explanation of the results of my pap test that I è joint letter: cellular Alterations (benign) due to inflammation.

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a negative Pap test of class 2 for inflammation

Pap test Ascus reattivo

At the end of November I performed a pap test and the result è was: esorcevice : squamous cells with abnormal cytological attributable to the hpv virus…..

Pap test e verginità

I Am a girl of thirty years I would like to have information! Doing the pap test you will lose the verginità?

Amniocentesis at 38 years of age: do I have to pay the ticket?

I Am 10 weeks pregnant and I have agreed with my partner and my gynecologist due to my age (38 years old at the time of birth) to perform amniocentesis: do I have to pay the ticket as I have been told, and also the ultrasound examinations and the blood that I have run before, including the “genetic counseling ? It seems to me that it is a little too much!!!!

Gardnerella vaginalis

I Recently took the vaginal swab from which they were positive to the test of gardnerella vaginalis . My ginecoloca prescribed me with the eggs for trichonomas vaginalis. The problem is that they are shown to be negative in the latter……..

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