> Fibroadenoma

For the mammogram usually all good (some micro-calcification, benign) and controls recommended at 12-18 months for prevention.

ultrasound: few small cyst, bilateral; small solid nodule on the outer dial right due to fibroadenoma (controls), we do not nd alterations ecostrutturali type of suspicion.

Some small linfoghiandola responsive to the load of the axillary. Now she is a bit worried that fibroadenoma. Looking for a bit on the internet I found that " a benign tumor, but I can’t speak to it using that term I don’t want to be afraid.

What do you think of these results from the ultrasound? How should you involve my mom, who is very anxious as a person if you are not hypochondriac to your health?

thank You in advance for letting me read and for some great suggestions

my più sincerely,

Hello, dear, the fibroadenoma in fact it is not; not even a benign tumor, becauseè è made from the cells of the breast, so è true that when the women breastfeeding women secretes milk it too, and after.. disappears.

Non è in the case of your mom, of course, but it should tranquillizzarla.

do Not write what is great? Small può wanting to say so many things… if they do not say what is great there andrei più to do an ultrasound, to be these, and anyway I’d do a check in a few months, to check if is raised.

For the rest I would try, if the anxiety problem is really big, to do a few sessions of psychotherapy to your mother.

With the years the probability; of ill, always growing, I understand very well (I have 58 years). If, forò we are not able to master it we prepare to go old age is really awful, and to pass it to our loved ones.

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Better to find someone who can help us to change our attitude. I was afraid to fly, and now I have started.. not è never too late to live better!

A hug of the heart, hello.

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3 June 2013