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From some time I am concerned of having contracted the HIV virus following reports of homosexual oral protected (with a condom) but preceded by masturbazioni not protected.

The thing that has put me in alarm is the enlarged non-painful lymph nodes in the neck area and under the throat in the following an infectious disease (measles) contracted in October, which resolved without consequences are not more indented.And is it normal? There may be a cause linked to the measles? Should I consider at risk and to undergo the HIV test? I can consider the enlarged lymph nodes, a consequence also of the wisdom teeth that fall out, creating inflammation? If I had contracted the hiv virus, the lymph nodes are ingrosserebbero also in the area of the chest (at the sternum) and in the groin area and how to recognize them in these areas?

In masturbation, there you touch one another with the hands, and then is considered a safe practice. Then if you have fear is because; you è liquid spilled from the partner on the hands and you maybe you eat the nails and even the skin and then your skin protection that it is not; complete, then remember that there are almost no cases of infection for contacts così vague and the risk is only theoretical. Your lymph nodes to me seem quite trivial, both measles and wisdom teeth can provoke them.

The first manifestation of the sieropositività è syndrome dà fever, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes in general ( and you see, and feel, and not c’è need to look ). Told usò also not è così auto that a homosexual is hiv positive….

In short: if you have the impression that your skin lesion can be been covered by his semen I would say to do the test, in three months, and possibly six, of the new. Otherwise, remember that the virus does not pass on the skin and that mutual masturbation is not; dangerous. In general, the libertà sexual is the defence good protection, if we know how to protect ourselves we need not be afraid.

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