> Sexually transmitted diseases, I have a chaotic life with unprotected sex

I have to say that my sex life is chaotic, I am in many men, many of which are unknown. With sexual intercourse, sometimes unprotected.

I realized I had wrong, a lot, and now I fear that I have created problems to my health.

I do Not have any form of disease transmission sexual obvious, in fact, in the past I have had a few trivial forms of candida, and I know the symptoms, but now on that front I’m good.

What worries me and that is a period in which they are very tired, and I don’t have the strength to do anything, I feel weak, I sleep too much, and are without concentration.

I tried to eat even more thinking of a physical decline. But it’s resolved.

I am afraid and ashamed to go to a normal doctor. What could I have? How can I act? excuse me of generalità of my words but I don’t know how to act….


Dear, happens to have a sexual life chaotic by young people.

On the other hand, if I risked to climb up a mountain, undiscovered everybody would say you were brave. Life is a matter of points of view, considered that not have hurt anyone..

For what infections, can you do a swab of the cervical, chlamydia and for the gonococcus, a vaginal swab for germs and common for the trichomonas, a blood test for l’hepatitis B (HbsAg), and for l’hepatitis C (HCV), for l’HIV, and for the syphilis (VDRL and TPHA).

I would Say that può be enough.

For the rest if you are sick, you have to think about that is as if you had frozen fingers on that famous mountain. Perchè never should you feel guilty?

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your path in that moment was the one, something will takeà to say, no?

let Me know. For what concerns the physical tiredness maybe you’re a bit depressed considering that you are così is critical in your comparisons. Am I wrong?

best wishes

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12 may 2012