> The Gardnerella vaginalis. How to treat and with what medications.

I Recently took the vaginal swab from which they were positive to the test of gardnerella vaginalis . My gynecologist prescribed me the eggs for trichonomas vaginalis. The problem is that they are shown to be negative in the latter.

I Wanted to know if kindly you could tell me if the two bacteria are similar, and thus “medicine is as good as another” or if I have to work on my specific problem.

medicines for trichomonas in effect, they are typically also effective for gardnerella. The only drug specific for gardnerella è Clindamycin forò for the preparation of local is extremely expensive.

here the custom, widespread among health professionals, use of metronidazole, and the like ( trichomonicidi ) that have a broad spectrum of action, are cost-effective and in the vast majority of cases, equally effective. Also we do

I Suffer from a year of gardnerella

for about a year I have gardnerella and I do not è was explained precisely cos’è.. I tried about a dozen of therapies,but nothing can make me disappear causandomi problems in the sexual life but also on that of all days, I don’t feel più at ease and I feel more “normal”.

you Can give me some advice? Does not exist..”scrapings” that entirely eliminate these bacteria?

gardnerella is a bacterium that normally lives in the vagina, così as other bacteria live in the intestine, in the mouth, in the cavità the nasal, and so on. All of our cavità of the body in communication with the outside are equipped with micro-environments, ecological più or less efficient.

In other words, as you are a living organism, può happen that you are unable to re-establish your biological balance and then the correct coexistence between the bacteria that inhabit ( and still inhabit ) in the vagina. The result is that one species prevails over the other, and così you can’t eliminate the unpleasant smell of nitrosamines ( otherwise known as the smell of fish..right ?) Then the tips are:

  • air, panties cotton, panty-liners, the less possible, no tight pants, night, no underwear, never microfiber in the underwear, off the tights ( so the hot season comes );
  • do not wash obsessively, so the situation does not improve, and use neutral soap and a little aggressive;
  • fruits, vegetables, few sugars, low in fat, this is good for the gut, but also to the vagina;
  • therapies repeated with products that lower the pH of the vaginal bacilli to be put into the vagina, hoping that attecchiscano and keep in check the hated enemy;
  • the only medical advice is, although in general we are not in favour, make a lavender with a product is NOT a disinfectant but a mildly refreshing after having had intercourse, because; the reports make the vaginal environment more suitable, not only to sperm but also to bacteria such as gardnerella…

P.S. there are the names of the products because; you can get advice from the pharmacist, are all products of self-medication…

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