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I Am a girl of seventeen, tall and shapely.

One or two times a year when I go to the family doctor as a preventative measure I is a general visit is very detailed, with palpation of the breasts in various positions (fifth measure), and finally the rectal examination.

I am always so embarrassed and I never dared to ask for explanations. Falls into normalityà of the prevention controls?


Dearest one, I wouldn’t say no. As time is; that he goes così? Maybe your doctor is in good faith, but there is no protocol that provides for these visits to your età. What do you think? We want to work together to find a way to escape? Talk with your? Tell him that you do not want to più thee?

to Say that you have a gynecologist somewhere that you check in, and then not want to do it twice? Don’t go there more to it? Anything else you can think of, any use you may make of us to help you tell us, we are here for.

Maybe, I repeat, your doctor is a good person and not realize that you are hurting, try to reduce your discomfort, and solve the problem, you want?

Masturbation and verginità

With my girlfriend we decided together, with a lot of serenityà to bring us virgins until marriage. I had to make this premise to explain our problem. Our sex life consists of games and masturbazioni without penetration of any body or object. Also, if you have a of the sexual act itself is not lacking in the orgasm.

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During an orgasm my girlfriend, in addition to the seminal fluid had a slight leakage of blood. The first fear is the breaking of the hymen, contradicted by the research in your pages. I would add that the menstrual cycle is terminated by a week.

you can Notò in fact, exclude a minimum the laceration of the hymen linked to the maneuvers of mutual masturbation. On the other hand, the damage of the hymen during the manoeuvres of masturbation è thereò that facilitates the first report so that it can be done without the whole procession of small tears and bleeding that we are accustomed to imagine.

we Could almost say, in effect, that repeated masturbation allows women to lose the verginità a little at a time in the time eliminating the trauma of deflowering. If, in your desiderivi there is a wedding night, the hymen completely intact and not lying, the games, masturbators have to be reduced to a minimum, and the fingers should not appear to take the vaginal.

The first time. The first sexual intercourse.

This é my first time. I am a pò worried. How to do it? How should I behave? Are there any risks? I have the età justiceà? (16 years)

Dearest one, sìììì, there are risks, as in all things the “real” of life. How you have to behave, così as you are, it has no importance. There is an età right……..how to do it? Well, it also depends on what you did so far.. because it; don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, così maybe I can write something useful instead of making a treaty on the “first time” in twelve volumes, with notes and bibliography?

If, however, you are in a hurry I remind you again that the two fundamental risks of diseases and pregnancy, and that both are reduced to almost zero (almost) by the use of a condom. If the guy with you the first report he has never used or has not a preparation for “controlled” you can go to the site and revise a bit along with the techniques.

Verginità and pregnancy

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is it possible that a girl is still a virgin is fertilized during sexual intercourse, without affecting its verginità?

Sì, è can. The sperm cells have the propertyà called the “reotropismo negative”, that is; back up the current like salmon. It is sufficient then deporne some on the secretions that come out from the mouth of the vagina at the moment of ovulation (the waterfall of mucus) to obtain that they perceived the direction in which it comes from the mucus the same date to the current, swimming with the tail, to enter into the vagina (the hymen is not &is of course an obstacle for a tiny sperm) the date up to the uterus and lì, the way to the tube where there is the egg.

The mechanisms for the perpetuation of the species are rather bright, in spite of the mammals are not così privileged as this, the insects are più good….however, if così had not we would have già extinct and we would not be here to tell us about it

A minor child and the termination of pregnancy

I Am a girl of Florence, and I have a serious problem I am pregnant of one month I have a minor (of age between one month). The trouble is that I cannot say to my mother, I surely butterà out of the house!! I referred to a counseling center, saying she wants to abort two women trying to convince me or to keep the baby or if I wanted to abort me the advice to tell my mother I was really discouraged!!

For a month I care to 18 years, avrò the right to have an abortion and not to tell anything to my mother?!! I am referring to you becauseé I visited your website and I realized that here I could get a glimpse of the light of hope!! Please let me know if you are really desperate!!

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Whatever counseling center, has the duty to enforce the law that guarantees to the minors of the appeal to the tutelary judge and the complete anonymity with respect to the family. If you live in a small country it is possible that not far from you there is a public service willing to take care of.