> I can not lose weight

I tried the Lasix and I tried the laxative because; I want to lose weight and can’t lose weight, I feel swollen and I have cellulite.

I’m going crazy really, I don’t eat junk food and don’t eat so much, yet in a month that I have been home from work I took a 4/5kg.

The work that I do is the contract, but I’m mainly in cash so I’m not firm enough and in this month almost every day I’m going to walk for 5-8 miles, but nothing, the weight is always stop them.

Dear, Lasix has no usefulness; to lose weight, as you have rightly observed.

The problem is with all probabilityà sedentary work that you do. Walk, forò not enough.

You want an activityà physics much more dynamic, like dance, pilates, dancefit.

Put the metabolism activitiesà è the key word, is to restrict the carbohydrates, bread, pasta, and fruit, and eat whole grains, vegetables, fish, white meat.


But do not take medicine, n&is unnecessary as in this case, n is useful, as the substances that take away the hunger.

the latter will cause a forcing, which results in a recovery mass of the weight when the pause, and , moreover, are hazardous to health.

Talk with your doctor, if it is available, style, better food (no diet, for the same reason that no substances that remove the appetite) but a lot of patience, the courage to change now, forever, and movement, dynamic movement, not just walking, I told you!

Omens omens!


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