> Piaghetta of the neck of the uterus, what type of intervention?

Hi to all, after più medical advice, I need to do an intervention gynecologic to treat the piaghetta on the neck of the uterus.

I would Prefer to do laser or radiofrequency. By visiting a few clinics, I have noticed a lower frequency of these treatments in favour of diathermocoagulation.

there is a clinic specific to Rome that you could recommend, that matches the qualityà of the medical services at favorable prices regarding the laser (or radio frequency)?

Thanks in advance!


Dearest one, if you have a pap test is normal, you have no need to do any type of treatment for the piaghetta of the neck of the uterus.

In truthà the piaghetta does not exist. in medicine it is called ectropion or ectopia, and is the NORMAL way with which the neck of the womb closes, or rather opens, in women in età to be fertile, to facilitate the conception.

it is true that this is the cause of the loss, and it is true that makes the vaginal pH is less acidic, but this is a phenomenon quite NORMAL, which makes the life of the sperm più easy.

nature has provided this perfect (or so they say, of course) mechanism, to facilitate the reproduction of the human species, which is sè not è very efficiently.

Then by changing the pH can take advantage of other life forms, like bacteria, of course, and it is also the place where you develop cancer of the neck of the uterus.

Delete theò è as if you tagliassi the nose to fight a cold!

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If these losses give you really very very very annoying, if you have leakage of blood relations, if, to some extent, just like the nose when it bleeds often, you think you need (but you have to be to think you!) a correction by the medicine if it is able to; speak, and you can come to the hospital, for example.

If you have a pap test is abnormal you have to go in the service of colposcopy and there are great in the hospital.

In both cases, the laser is essential, and you only have to pay the ticket. If instead you feel good, and be compatible with the structures such as the uterus (and ovaries) that are continuously working to try to reproduce the species while you try to study, to graduate, or even just go swimming, if you feel good I said, and your pap test is normal do NOT NEED to DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

To the question why is the doctor told you that you this thing, let’s just say that.. it is up to date.

you tell Me, sorry, I realize now, that you have done the più medical advice.. pity, because it is; the truthà è the one you’ve just written.



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