> Piaghetta to the neck of the uterus, it should be burned?

with regard To the hormones gave me some pills for the prolactin high.

Now that you “know” the causes of these events, my question is : but this piaghetta is a something serious? I read around here on the internet that could be because of a non-conception? Not that I now want a son forò I would be interested to know this thing.

P. s: as for the thyroid I was prescribed again, the analysis of the tsh and ft4 and echo is of a size slightly smaller than the norm ….


The piaghetta (cervical ectopia) does not exist, it is just a normal way to be in the neck of the uterus. The mucous membrane of the internal, that is; the one that holds the uterus in young women is down a little on the outside that is; the one that covers, for instance, the vagina.

In this way, c’è più mucus and also substantially fertilization is favored. When c’è much mucus in the vagina is less acidic and this favors the survival of the sperm.

As you can see, is absolutely not is a disease and not c’è the reason of no care, not even the più small. Not c’è even then no reason to burn, and how too often someone is on.

When you put the speculum looks like a red spot at the mouth of the uterus, and then the gynecologists dell’800, unaware of microscopes and science, they thought it was a plague from which stemmed the cancer of the uterus, and that the cauterizzandola women would not fall ill of cancer.

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Today, we know that is true that that is the place of the tumor and burn it is as cauterizzarsi the nose for not getting a cold… all the more unnecessary, from whatever point of view you look at it.

does Not reduce the cancer of the neck of the uterus (the only thing which could reduce is to remove the uterus, is certainly not cauterizzarne a part), né has no other benefit.

The prevention of cancer of the neck of the uterus is done with the pap test, and  when useful (not always!) with the search for a papilloma virus and colposcopy.

Find a gynecologist who agrees with what you write, and after that trust for the rest.

For the rest I think that consulting with an endocrinologist, the real expert on the thyroid, is the best thing to do.

best wishes

the Life of the woman


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