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My mother has been operated on for breast cancer 3 months ago she was 63 years old and has never taken the pill or used the patch for menopause, I wonder now if I run a high risk ( I have 31 years old ) using the pill saw the arrangement.


The tumor of the breast is made up of 80 % of new cases, and genetic predisposition is responsible for a minimum number of diseases. If your mom is the only member sick of your family is very unlikely to be carriers of the gene that encodes the high risk, because it; it, where c’is usually expressed a lot and there are many women suffering in the same family.

For what concerns the additional risk related to the administration of hormones, every two years, comes a work that says the opposite of what it was before. A few years ago gave as an increased risk, a work più recently denies it…..

In reality we do not know very well what it has done to increase the cancer of the breast in this way, because; also in the Italian population which did not make use of hormonal therapies of any kind, you è found the same increase in northern european countries and the United States…..

it is difficult to say what you need to do, you can, however, adding soy, taking in tablets in your pharmacy, to your power supply, that seems to have a protective role and replace meat with fish, such as japanese women, who do not know what is the cancer of the breast.

The candida vaginalis, vaginal infection, leakage, and heartburn. Care

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