> The candida, loss of blood after menstruation

The Candida and the relationship after the cure.

For the first time, and I è was diagnosed with a condition from Candida. I had a slight itching for three days and then I started to receive treatment with a special cream and an egg, as prescribed by my doctor.

Stupidly, the very day after this treatment (ovule), not experiencing più any discomfort I had a relationship with my boyfriend (who is following the same treatment) and immediately after I accused a “swelling” of the external genital area. No pain in urination, no itching, just this swelling, what is success?

Probably stropicciando mucosa just subjected to an infection and a medication you è been a swelling from the “all together”. Do some bidet with water and chamomile, and finish the treatment that has been prescribed. If you do not pass the facts to review. If you do not have disorders forò not è nothing serious, you’re quiet.

The Candida and possible tumors

What a difference there is between the Candida that manifests with the well-known white discharge coagulated, and that with the loss of the yellow-greenish. I would like to ask you also whether a similar Candida infection può to have influence on the result of the Pap test, whose sample has been collected in the same visit that I è was diagnosed (by observation under the microscope) Candida.

according to The report, in fact, è was the following: “the Finding of inflammation with alterations in cellular reparative and reactive. Validityà sample: well.”

The cell “reparative and reactive” may become cancer cells? Let me explain: their “reparative and reactive” is a stage previous to that of “cancer cells” or is it different things?

The neck of the uterus lives of the reactions and repairs due to the harsh life to which it is subjected. It has a need to react and repair in continuation and, therefore, needs continually to young cells. These, because of their uncertainty of youth, are more subject to deviate from the straight path and become ill, and it is the reason why we have to perform regular pap test.

You are young cells, like all of us, but none of them have bad intentions, you’re quiet. Then, as far as what they will do in the future, we do not know as we do not know what our teenage children when they come out…….toò in the great majority of cases they do nothing wrong.

of Course, the pap test should be performed regularly just like a teenage son you have to throw him some eye every so often…..this is life, nothing moreù.

The Candida and the delay of menses

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I Am a 21 year old I think I have candida, I’m doing lavender with sachets of chloramine or similar, and I’m seeing improvements the losses are divenando a few, forò I have a problem, I have 8 days which delays the menstrual cycle, although my cycle is very irregular, forò I have not had intercourse. according to her, the white può provicarmi a cycle delay?

typically the candida from itching and loss type “curdled milk”. The chloramine or similar is not; the therapy più stated, but often the infection is contained by the body and the improvement in può also be due to that.

Even the delay can be linked to a candida infection, it is important to not only who has not had relations, but also that you have not had the opportunity to come into contact with seminal fluid, even carried with the hand or placed in the vicinity.

If you have any doubts please do not hesitate to perform a pregnancy test. If it is negative wait for your complete period of your usual delay and if your period still does not come repeat the pregnancy test, do an ultrasound or facts, visit.

 Loss of blood after menstruation

I Am a girl of 20 years, in the last year and a half I è happened 3 – 4 times to have read blood loss was approximately 13 days after the start of menstruation. The first two times I was under scrutiny or awaiting the result of an examination, and then I related the problem to the stress.

I don’t remember for precisely, if c’è was also once a part of the last few days ago, this last time, precisely, I had not had a particular reason to stress as at other times, forò I want to say that these months are not very serene for me, and for many small things.

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should I be concerned? Può as I thought, my problem be caused by anxiety? Please do not answer me, only telling me that I have to make a visit, that I know, forò I would like an opinion “fast”, at least to calm me.

The losses in halfà of the cycle is related to ovulation, and then are usually completely normal. You can check this by only checking that the menstruation to come 14 days after the losses themselves.

in Fact, thereò that è fixed for the menstrual cycle is not; the distance between the menstruation, past and future ovulation, but the distance between the occurred ovulation and the next menstruation, that is, precisely 14 days.

Candida, a long-standing infection

At the end of November I had a bad Candida unfortunately, I had to neglect (I was abroad and I couldn’t do anything), then I edited and it seemed like… forò then I felt pain during the intercourse I did other analysis, from which è the result that I had nothing, thereforeò I am quiet.

ò from then on (più or less since, cioè, also my partner did care for the white), he has started to get small cracking on my penis, as if he had dry skin… and of course hurting!

In these last days, I have a few leaks and a bit of a nuisance, as when I had started to feel the symptoms of candida…in Short… what a long story to this infection…

In fact that candida can be a long story and boring, we ticonsigliamo to seek to avoid the impact of the use of cotton linen, remove tight clothing in the groin, eat fruits and vegetables, make use of lactic acid bacteria or bacilli are, however, able to colonize the intestine, the tank continuously for the fungi and limit the più the consumption of sweets, an important growth factor for the fungus.

 Candida and oral sex

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I Wanted to know if the candida is transmitted in oral sex. And if yes, what effects it causes in the mouth and how do you know if it has been infected.

In fact candida is a fungus that lives in both in the intestine that, often, in the first part of the digestive streets, without giving any hassle. In particular moments you canò to express as “lily of the valley”, a whitish coating that can, cover both the language and the palate: this is forò usually occurs in infants or in people who have problems with immunityà.

usually the candida comes and goes, without any problem, both in the intestine and in other districts. If you have specific problems, please contact us again or ask us a ser vice specialised by its parts.

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