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I found with my family doctor to have a mild form of fungal vulvo vaginal not is associated with no loss but only burning the outside and is manifested with an episode of cystitis.

The doctor suggested to me to use for now only a vaginal cream mc mirror for 8 2 times per day. I have also suggested to get use to my partner, even if we have not had full reports from when I had cystitis, and in any case we always use a condom.

Could you explain in what way remains involved with the partner when you have the phenomena of fungal infections and when it is desired to extend the care to him also?

Nobody knows for sure, I’m sorry. Candida is an infection that is opportunistic, not from infection. It means that we all have inside but only sometimes develops. Some believe that treating the partner is always essential, others treat only if symptomatic…

The scientific work say that sometimes you are riammala sometimes not, and that care of the partner does not change very much. let’s Talk, if you want to

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