> The candida, the symptoms, but cures?

at least 3 years in the 10 days between ovulation happens to me of all, all of the symptoms that I read in the treatises on the candida, pain with urination, burning, intimate, feeling of warmth, itching, bad odours, loss, feeling of weight in the bladder, the feeling of not having emptied, pain in the kidneys, intestines super irritable…  have 10 days from the nightmare, no medicine, nothing.

The gynecologist sends me to the gastroenterologist, the gastroenterologist is sending me to the gynecologist.

In April I have raised a polyp of the uterus and I have solved something, however, the symptoms have worsened. Così the gynaecologist offered me the pill, which I, unfortunately, are intolerant.

I tried it anyway a month for the despair, but I had to let go of, but in that month the pain in the urination there have been.

Now, in ovulation following I had obvious symptoms related to candida: strong heartburn, which involved the vagina and the anal area, feeling of intense heat, a white tip in the vagina that was hurting me (I thought I had an injury) and loss type ricotta. Symptoms for me have lasted 2 days, and now nothing.

The gynecologist sent me the recipe for making a care by e-mail after 2 days without too many explanations, thereforeò I wanted to know if you do care that I have a prescription (sporanox tablets for 4 days and sertadie).

And since I have read that the candida has always source from the gut, I was wondering if this treatment acts directly in the intestine.

And especially if 4 years might be the candida to come out every month like a swiss watch at the turn of the ovulation. Only one time did the swab which has detected only ‘a few leukocytes’. If you have helpful suggestions, are welcome. Thanks again.

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Dear, the causes of these disorders are not easy to find, n is to be solved..

Accepting the hypothesis that it is candida, you could get a sporanox or diflucan for three months after menstruation for a couple of days.

If you prevent the disorders could accept the idea that it is candida. In the meantime, it would be a starting point.

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11 October 2012